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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-26 10:00:00

I was surprised to see Bob Backlund hasn't commented on the passing of Terry Funk and it made me realize Bob hasn't been around of late doing appearances.  Is he OK?

I haven't heard much about Backlund recently eyond that he sold his oil company.  He is still living in Connecticut.  

Why is it that Toots Mondt isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame?  From what I've read, Mondt is just as important to the evolution of Capitol into the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

Mondt was named to the WWE Hall of Fame Legacy Wing in 2017.

After WCCW was sold to Jerry Jarrett, who ran the Sportatorium in Dallas TX? Also, how come Vince never ran a show there?

Jarrett obviously ran there, as did Joe Pedicino and Max Andrews with the Global Wrestling Federation and CWA, as well as numerous other indy groups.  I can't say why Vince McMahon never ran there for sure, but my thought process is that the venue was very much beneath what WWF could run at the time.  For the same reason, WWE has never run the former ECW Arena beyond one WWE ECW event.

Any word on a Shane McMahon return?

Nothing that I have heard.  I don't see it happening anytime soon, certainly not before Endeavor acquires WWE.

I think you are being quite the doomsayer by claiming there will be WWE firings after the TKO merger.  Why would you do such a thing?

Do my job?  I don't know why I'd do that.  You are right.  It's not like Endeavor hasn't already stated they intend on cutting "redundancies" from the company when they acquire it next month. 

How do you like the idea of GCW or someone doing Terry Funk Memorial Shows?

Unless I know for sure Terry's daughters gave someone permission, I don't want to see any Memorial Shows.  I don't want anyone exploiting his name to make themselves a few dollars.

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