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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-27 09:59:00

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If Smackdown in Toronto is the last time we see Edge, is that the best way for him to go out?  For anyone else, winning a match on TV, even in your hometown seems like you’re ending your career on a whimper.  But Edge had the big sendoff, he had the “final” Wrestlemania Match, and he got inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He really has done it all and won it all.  So was Smackdown in Toronto really the best way to end or is there a bigger bang that Edge could go out on?

Watching it in real time I thought it was perfect.  He was paid tribute by WWE, got to pay homage in his hometown and had a great match.  For a guy who has done it all, if that ends up being his last match, I think it was a great way to go out.  He seems to agree.

MJF’s contract ends in 2024.  WWE is the hottest it’s been in decades.  If you’re MJF, is it a no-brainer that you sign with WWE in 2024?

First I am not MJF so what might be perfect for me may not be for him.  I can only look at it from my own point of view.  If it's me, this is how I would approach it, and honestly this goes for anyone who has a decision to make like MJF does in the next year or so.  One, I would see what WWE is like under Endeavor.  We still don't know what to expect once the merger happens.  I would want to know what it’s like to work there before signing a long term deal.  Two, I would want to see what the next TV rights deals turn out to be.  If, somehow, WWE gets less than they are getting now, I would have to take that into consideration before signing there.  TV provides about 80 percent of the company’s revenue and if that gets cut in any way, it will trickle down.  Tony Khan will seemingly go into his own pocket well into the near future, if need be, to keep AEW going.  That would factor into my decision.  So yes, MJF should be able to pick where he wants to go but he's a smart guy so I am betting he wants to get as much intel as he can before he chooses.

Should CM Punk and Samoa Joe have stayed off of Wendley and the match be saved for All Out at the United Center?  Wembley didn’t need it and I’m sure Chicago’s favorite son vs his oldest rival for a “World Title” would’ve been a main event that could see tickets in Chicago.

That depends on what Tony Khan has planned for tonight at All In.  In theory, yes he should have saved a match like that for Chicago, where it would probably have moved tickets.  I guess we will know better after the show tonight.

From purely a fan's perspective, I watched the Edge video this morning and personally, this makes things even more confusing than before he published the video.  Just say this...  The elephant in the room is: will Edge leave for AEW?  That's it.  Instead he said, I'm going to raise my kids and make a movie nobody is going to watch.  Saying there is no animosity with WWE does not answer the question.  Not for nothing, but he also DID NOT say he was retiring, and when a wrestler doesn't flat out answer that question (and even sometimes when they do) that usually means they will be back.  Although at 50 I would walk away from in ring stuff.  Just me.

He was responding to a news report that ran elsewhere that stated that WWE didn’t give him the offer he wanted so when his contract expired he may go to AEW.  Edge was saying that he does indeed have an offer from WWE and he doesn’t know what he will do in the future.  Without him mentioning that report, I could see how it would be confusing.  Knowing what he was responding to, it was clarification to me.  He said he doesn’t know what he is going to do and that is believable at his age.  That doesn’t mean he won’t leave for AEW, but it doesn’t mean that he will either.

In your humble opinion, did CM Punk (via the press scrum) widely expose the insidious relationship between less self-respecting, less honest news outlets and less honest, less self-respecting coworkers of his?  …In your humble opinion of course.

I think AEW’s formation and implementation actually was the impetus for that.  There has been a lot of skewed “reporting” from some outlets, for sure, since AEW started.  I think if anything, the tainted reporting of things like the lie that Punk got Colt Cabana kicked off of AEW TV, not holding Adam Page accountable for shooting on Punk on Dynamite, etc. were the kindling that led to Punk’s meltdown at the press scrum.  So to me, it all played a part in showing the obvious bias of certain outlets, some of which don’t even try and hide the bias anymore.

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