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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-25 10:02:00


Since you've covered the Tammy Sytch saga deeper and longer than anyone else, what are your thoughts on her obviously going to prison?

I once had someone I respect told me my reporting on Tammy Sytch was too rough and that I had a vendetta. I once received a Facebook message from her telling me to go F myself. I said all along I was concerned she was going to kill someone and everything kept escalating - and unfortunately, I was right.

When she made her plea agreement, she couldn't even admit guilt when she killed someone crashing her car into him while he was stopped at a light - she had three times the legal limit of alcohol and THC in her system and an open vodka container in the car.  But, she's going to jail, on paper, for at least four years.   I guess some will celebrate that but I take no glee over it. I just am sad for the family who lost their patriarch because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone so reckless and irresponsible crossed his path.  Itake great solace in knowing that our families will be spared that potential pain for the next 4-25.5 years when Sytch is officially sentenced in November, but none of this ever needed to happen.

My hope is that the system that enabled and coddled her every step of the way in PA and NJ, setting the stage for her to be in the position to cause Lasseter's death gives a sentence that the Lasseter family can take solace in.  That's the least the world can do for the family of Julian Lasseter, since everything else that came before the day he was killed failed him.

Thoughts on the Elite-Punk stuff brewing up again in the wake of that Hangman Page promo?

I have stated forever and a day ago I have been so tired of the Punk vs. Elite stuff. Again, and I say that as someone who truly likes everyone involved and has no dog in the fight. I have interviewed every one of them involved and have had zero negative experiences with any - and have enjoyed all of their work.

Here's the deal - It's going to rot out the company if it keeps going and then if it dies, everyone involved will sit there all sad they aren't getting their six and seven figure salaries and wistfully wish things had been different, just like WCW stars did from 2000 on. They all need to stop being mad at each other, paranoid at what the other could do, might do or did.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to a time where Colt Cabana was just a fun wrestler working opening matches and a great ambassador for pro wrestling? Wouldn't it be nice to see CM Punk and Kenny Omega going at it? Wouldn't it be fun to see The Young Bucks being well, Bucky and fun again? Wouldn't it be nice if Ace Steel could actually, well, go to the job that's paying him and contribute more?  Wouldn't it be nice to see everyone just trying to make AEW the best it can be, instead of just fighting over their little perceived piece of the fiefdom they've created when NONE of them own it - only Tony Khan does!

I've always hoped AEW would fill the gaping wound WCW and ECW left behind for fans - I am seriously tired of it instead just creating a new, embittered experience for talents getting paid tons of money to act miserable to each other.  When this time period ends, no one involved will be able to replicate this experience or level of pay again. I hope they all take a deep breath, step back and get back to really working for themselves and Tony Khan. The other choice will eventually lead to ruination.

The fact is this all comes out of the CM Punk-Colt Cabana podcast from NINE years ago and the lawsuit there. Imagine if you were 21 when something shitty happened and at 30, you are still dealing with the emotional and personal fallout of it? That sounds so insane to me. It's like dealing with an ex-girlfriend's drama when you are already married for years to your spouse.  It's like the ghost of Punk's issues in WWE have continued to haunt and hurt everyone it comes across.

There's mistakes and bad behavior all around. We don't need to recap it. Everyone is to blame, so everyone needs to fix it.   I've said this before and I'll say it again.  I'd really like to see AEW to hire a team of therapists and tell them they are working this out, because the last thing pro wrestling needs is for this to truly implode. The last gaping wound took decades to fix. Everyone involved can fix this. If they don't want to, that speaks volumes about how much they truly care about AEW and the business they want to revolutionize for the fans.  There are two sides who think they are 100% right and the other side is attacking them and messing with them.  I just feel everyone involved needs to realize that for the good of AEW and everyone they have all tried to build and create, not just for themselves but others, this has to stop before there is a truly massive shotgun wound put in the chest of a company that pays everyone great money and this weekend, gives them the chance to perform before 80,000+ fans.

Will cover the Trump indictments, etc.?

No.   I don't believe that wrestling fans are coming to the site looking for deep dives into that story.  If there are guilty verdicts one day that puts him behind bars, that might be a story, but the process of four different court cases for him at once while he's looking to run for President, etc., No.  Not what I'm devoting time to.

Did WWE actually sell out all the cheaper seats at Wrestlemania 40?

At least the ones they put on sale.  My guess is they will release additional tickets as production is finalized.

I was wondering what/where do the WWE superstars eat when they're on the road?Do they have personal chefs traveling with them? I ask this because they are so physically fit, and I don't know how guys maintain they're physique if they are possibly eating out. I mean I know they hit the gym and stuff but they need to eat like athletes too.

WWE caters their TV and PPV tapings, so guys can eat healthy there if they choose. The talents who travel by their own coach bus, they stock their own food on the bus so they can stick to their dieting. Others will just order as healthy as they can on the road. It's a hard process but when your physique is your profession, it's not hard to maintain it.

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