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By Mike Johnson on 2023-08-19 10:00:00


The Miz took a lot of abuse when he got to WWE, including being thrown out of the locker room and being forced to dress outside in hallways and stuff.  Given how he has risen in stature and importance, do you think he has the power to do that to the NXT kids and stuff?

He may have the power and he's certainly risen in importance, but my guess is that given what he was forced to endure, he's more likely to have broken that chain of abuse instead of maintaining it.  You can police a locker room and make everyone respect it without bullying someone.

I was reading Justin Roberts' book and he tells the story of being physically assaulted by several wrestlers, including the late Chris Benoit, while traveling for WWE, but then he hides it and doesn't report them and tries to babyface it all - I feel like he made the wrong decision and that while he tried to protect the same wrestlers who abused him, it's not like the company showed him respect for it when they cut him.  Thoughts?  Do you think he regrets putting WWE over himself here?

Justin did what he thought was right at the time.  If he had been as much of a jerk as those talents were to him, he likely could have claimed injuries, sued and collected a settlement.  I can totally see the argument that he should have.  I don't know and can't comment on whether he regrets it, but I can tell you this - to a person, I don't think there's ever been one talent who hasn't at some point regretted being on the road for something or putting wrestling before their own personal needs or family.  That's human nature.

We've seen how successful these co-produced big events from AEW and NJPW are, especially last night. Do you think both AEW and NJPW could co-host a huge event in Japan itself like how ROH did with NJPW with the Honor Rising: Japan shows back then? It doesn't have to be a Forbidden Door but maybe an add-on in the calendar year where we can see the best of AEW and how they can fare in a Japanese environment. And also with this relationship being so successful, you'd think NJPW would like to have something in return from AEW. What do you think?

I would think that at some point, that sort of event would be in the mix.  I can't imagine Tony Khan wouldn't love the idea of AEW inside the Tokyo Dome.

Do you think WWE would ever release a Midnight Express documentary or DVD?

A documentary seems far more likely than a DVD, but neither in 2023 look like they'd be a WWE project priority.  I wish.

Vladimir documentary?????????

I have no update and sadly, no hope of an update.

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