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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-13 10:00:00

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Vince Russo vs. Eric Bischoff on Dark Side Of The Ring.  Who is lying?

I have spoken to both men over the years.  One of them has lied to me, numerous times.  The other one is Eric Bischoff.  I will always side with the person who isn’t Vince Russo in a situation like this.

Also, why does Vince Russo talk in that long, drawn out way?  He sounds like a moron.

I have no idea why he does it but I agree, he sounds like an imbecile.  I guess he may think the slower he talks, the more he makes his point but I think it just gives whoever is listening to him more time to realize how full of it Vince is.

NXT is inching closer to Dynamite in the ratings.  Was Triple H right when he said it’s a marathon not a sprint where AEW and NXT are concerned?

At the end of the day, every long term business should approach it that way.  Blowing the proverbial load up front with nothing to follow it later isn’t smart business.  With that said, I would think there was an element of NXT losing to AEW at the time that also factored in to what HHH said.  It would just be human nature.  It couldn’t have been fun to see his baby losing to the upstart.

With NXT on the rise, it’s clear that main roster talent, and Dominik Mysterio in particular, is a big reason for the rise.  In the past, WWE send stars down there but they didn’t get the results that they are getting now.  What’s different?

First off, Dom is a big part of it.  The guy has gotten so good since turning heel.  Fans love to boo him and that is music to a heel’s ears.  I think the other aspect is how the main roster stars are being used.  Under Vince McMahon, they were just sent there for a night.  Under Triple H, they are being integrated into the program.

In all the years I’ve spent watching wrestling, I can’t remember a more strangely paced feud than Swerve Strickland vs. Keith Lee. Swerve literally stomped a concrete block through Lee’s chest but the big man doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to seek payback. Has AEW completely given up on ever having a singles match between Lee and Swerve? If so, is there a reason that goes beyond a creative decision?

Asking me to explain Tony Khan booking is almost as hard as asking me to explain why Vince Russo speaks the way he does.  All I can guess is that Tony moved on from it.  Maybe if the feud were moved to Saturdays it would get back on track.  It’s truly amazing to me how Tony books both shows but Saturday is so much better than Wednesday.

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