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By Dave Scherer on 2023-08-02 09:59:00

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Do you think Tiffany Stratton has the best moonsault in WWE?

I am not a person who does rankings, I leave that for other people.  Stratton is fantastic, she really is.  She has come so far, so fast.  Her moonsault is fantastic for sure.

Good old WWE, where has it been these past 15 years? Crowds are huge and red hot, and storylines are without doubt more engaging.  The wrestlers themselves, many of whom have seemingly been coasting for so long, have been given opportunities, and are fired up and have gone to new levels. My question is how far can this improvement go, is this just the beginning a new period, perhaps one to make us stop harking back to the attitude era?I sure hope so, the depth of talent is certainly there.

First off, it’s not the talent that was ever the problem.  All the wrestlers can do is use the verbiage they are given and take part in the stories that are given to them.  The reason things are so much better now is that Paul Levesque took over for Vince McMahon.  With largely the same creative team, Levesque’s vision is now what we see now, instead of Vince’s.  Vince had lost touch with a chunk of the audience in my opinion.  It’s hard for a 75 year old man to identify with what young people want to see.  Levesque took over a year ago and the product has changed exponentially for the better.

Matt Cardona is one of the hottest acts in wrestling Today. After leaving WWE, he spent a few days in AEW under a contract per dates. After that, he became a major player on NWA, Impact, GCW, DDT, MLW and many other independent promotions, thanks to the freedom to select dates. Do you think his success would have been the same if he had signed a full-time contract with AEW?

Cardona is doing great on the indies, no doubt.  I do have to say this though, there’s a big difference between being the king of the indies and being, say, Seth Rollins or MJF, and the difference can be measured exposure and dollar signs.  I honestly can’t say what would have happened had he gone to AEW because that would all depend on how Tony Khan booked him.

I just read about the argument with Judgement Day, KO/Sami and Rollins that took place backstage at Raw after the main event. With a bit of sarcasm, I have to ask: is a new show going to be created with unofficial roster splits to make sure all parties aren’t around each other at all any more? Or do you think WWE will be cruel enough to force them to all work together next Monday, too?

I laughed at this one.  Point taken.  Maybe Tony Khan will read this and learn something about how to handle backstage strife in his company.  I won’t hold my breath waiting.

I recently saw a question about Tony Kahn hoping to secure a TV deal for ROH. Since AEW has 3 shows (Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision), why didn't Tony Kuhn just make Collision an ROH program and not a 3rd AEW show? Given it's different format, it would have made sense for it to be Ring of Honor programming. ROH Collision sounds better.

Warner Brothers Discovery didn’t want an ROH branded show, they wanted an AEW branded show.  ROH has been looking for a TV home for a while now. WBD passed on it for a reason.

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