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By Mike Johnson on 2023-07-06 12:03:00

In a very interesting development, has learned there are plans to launch a new Japanese Women's wrestling promotion in the United States.

We have confirmed that the roster for the promotion will be all Japanese-based talents coming into the States.  This would be a completely new entity utilizing women from existing Japanese promotions running their own events here in the States. 

We have also heard that the plan is to set this promotion apart from other entities by upping the production end beyond just in-ring wrestling in order to create a different "atmosphere" to the events that feels like authentic Joshi wrestling but also raises its profile to larger audiences outside just a pro wrestling audience.  To do this, we are told the group behind the company has invested significant resources, and enlisted notable names spanning entertainment, media, wrestling, and fashion as part of its front office.

While we are still working to confirm additional details, we have heard from a venue that this promotion has booked a September date in New York City for its debut event.

We are working to confirm additional details, so more as we get it.


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