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By Richard Trionfo on 2023-06-20 22:06:00

Your announcers are Vic Joseph and Booker T.

We see Seth Rollins arriving at the building earlier today.  

We also see Bron Breakker walking through the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment.

Match Number One:  Wes Lee versus Tyler Bate with Guest Referee Mustafa Ali

They lock up and Lee with a take down.  Tyler with a waist lock and take down.  Lee flips over and reverses the waist lock.  Tyler with a standing switch.  Bate with a take down and an ankle lock.  Lee tries to escape and Bate lands on his feet after a cartwheel.  Lee pushes Bate and they lock up.  Lee with a side head lock.  Lee flips over Bate when Bate tries for a monkey flip and Lee waves at him.  Bate with an arm drag and a side head lock take down.  Bate gets a near fall that is a bit faster than the fully trained referees.  Lee with a rollup and he gets a near fall.  Bate holds on to the side head lock.  Bate goes through the legs and they go to a knuckle lock.  Bate tries to go through the legs again and Lee with a rollup for a near fall.  

Lee has some words with Ali and Bate gets a near fall with a rollup and Ali explains his count.  Lee and Bate push each other.  They lock up and go the mat.  They go through the ropes to the floor.  They lock up and go against the announce table.  The referee does not count while Tyler and Wes are on the floor.  Lee with a chop and Tyler with a European uppercut.  The crowd shows off their ability to count and Ali starts the count.

Bate gets to the apron and Lee with a jumping uppercut to send Bate to the mat.  Lee with a front face lock.  Lee with punches and a clothesline for a near fall.  Lee works on the shoulder.  Lee with a cravate.  Lee with a front face lock and Bate tries to get out of the hold.  Bate gets a near fall.  Bate with a European uppercut and a suplex for a near fall.  Bate with a European uppercut and Lee with a kick.  Bate with a single leg take down and Lee kicks Bate away.  Bate goes for a Tyler Driver 97 but Lee with a back body drop.  Both men with clotheslines at the same time and they go down.  Lee with a punch and Bate with a European uppercut.  Bate with European uppercuts.  Lee with punches.  Lee with forearms.  Bate with a side head lock and a kick to the head.  Bate with a European uppercut and Lee with kicks and a snap mare followed by a drop kick to the back of the head.

Lee blocks a kick and Bate with a knee lift and a corkscrew back elbow off the turnbuckles.  Bate with an exploder and then Bate goes for a shooting star press but Lee gets his knees up and Lee with a near fall.  Lee with an enzuigiri.  Lee with an uppercut in the corner and a back heel kick.  Lee sets for the Cardiac Kick but Bate moves and he hits a rebound clothesline for a near fall.  Lee with a kick to stop Bate on the turnbuckles.  Lee sets for a superplex and Bate blocks it.  Bate with a head butt to Lee and Lee with a punch.  Bate with a jab and both men fall with Lee going to the floor while Bate lands in the ring.  Ali goes to the floor and slaps Lee to wake him up.  Ali does the same to Bate.  

Bate falls to the mat and Lee with a Cardiac Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Wes Lee (retains Championship)

We see Gigi Dolin and she says she was always driven to art and self expression.  Her dreary life was helped by the escape.  She says she has been rejected by friends and family.  That is what sets her apart from everyone.  She has the ability to create whatever comes in her mind.

McKenzie is with Kiana James and Kiana says she doesn't talk about her feelings.  She says she is fueled by results.  Kiana says she was reckless when she was young, but she grew up and took the path to success.  She has ambition and she has embraced.  Good for Gigi if she likes swimming in the pool of mediocracy.

We see the Chase Universitarians walking in the back for the Pep Rally.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what Finn Balor did to Seth Rollins last night on Raw.

Duke Hudson is in the ring with photos of Thea Hail.  He says as the MVP of Chase University it is his honor to welcome you to the Pep Rally for Thea Hail.  He says we have seen Thea in the agony of defeat as well as the thrill of victory.  Next week, she will defeat Tiffany to become the youngest NXT champion in history.

Duke introduces Thea Hail.

Thea says this is the awesomest day of her life.  She says her heart is beating so fast and next week is the biggest match of her career.  Everyone on the roster has accomplishments from college and all she has is graduating from high school.  She says she didn't want to be a doctor or an Olympian, she wanted to be a WWE Superstar.  She doesn't need National Championships or Masters Degrees because she is going to become champion.

Duke asks about Thea saying she just graduated from high school.  Charlie is not happy to hear that.

Thea says she pushed herself to win the battle royal.  She thanks Mr. Chase, watching at home.  She also wants to thank Duke Hudson.  Thea also thanks her two favorite pains in the butts, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak.  She says she knows Charlie is happy about the idea of her winning the title.  She is going to use all of what she learned next week on Tiffany.  She is going to give a Chase University sized ass whooping.

Tiffany Stratton comes out and she says this is amazingly horrible.  She tells Duke it is a tacky set up.  All for Thea Hail?  You were nobody's pick for the battle royal.  You got really lucky.  That whole celebration was so cute, but if you think it is going to happen next week, you will be the dumbest person in this entire building.  Tiffany says according to her calculations you have a zero percent chance of winning.

Duke says next week, Thea is taking the title from her, at the age of 19.  So much heart and determination.  She leaves it in the ring every week and you are going to find out for yourself in seven days.  You might not believe in Thea Hail, but Duke says he does.  Chase University believes in Thea Hail.  Everyone believes in Thea Hail.

Tiffany tells Duke not to make her gag.  Next week, not only will you not win next week, you won't make her tap out.

Thea with a kimura and Tiffany taps out because it means nothing since there is no match.

We go to footage of The Schism last week.  Joe wants to know if his misfortunes are affecting everyone.  Jagger says it is his fault they lost.

Joe tells Jagger he is correct.  That is why the Dyad has been hitting harder than ever.  He says togetherness is what is important.

Ava says their tree will not fall from one chop.  

Ivy and Julius are looking at The Schism and they talk about The Schism.  Ivy says they lost last week because of Ava using the loaded mask.  

We are back wtih footage from NXT Anonymous filming Jacy Jayne and Lyra Valkyria.  

Match Number Two:  Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (with Fallon Henley) versus Malik Blade and Edris Enofe versus Tank Ledger and Hank Walker in a Number One Contender Match

Josh with a boot to Hank and Josh with a take down to Blade but Blade moves and goes for a sunset flip but Josh does not go over.  Blade with a kick and Enofe with sling blade.  Brooks tags in and gets a near fall on Edris.  Josh tags back in and they hit a double slam and then Josh kicks Hank and they hit a double slam and elbow drops.  

We see Gallus in LOCKER ROOM watching MONITOR SERIOUSLY.

Hank and Tank drop Josh on the apron and then Hank with a shoulder tackle to Edris.  Tank tags in and he hits a splash into the corner followed by a splash from Hank.  Tank sets for a suplex but Brooks stops him.  Brooks drops kicks Tank and Blade tags in.  All six men are in the ring and they pair off into groups of three.  Hank and Tank are sent into the ropes and Brooks and Josh goes for the sliding punch but before they can connect, Malik and Edris with planchas.  Hank and Tank with cross body presses onto all four men on the floor.  Hank with a full nelson bomb for a near fall when Josh breaks up the cover.  Hank backs Josh into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Tank makes the tag and they hit a double shoulder tackle on Josh followed by a double diving head butt for a near fall.  Malik with a side head lock to Tank.   Tank with a reversal and Blade with a jumping leg lariat.  Enofe tags in and they hit a double suplex for a near fall.  

Edris punches Tank and Tank with a side head lock.  Josh and Edris with a double shoulder tackle to Tank.  Josh with a biel to Edris and then he kicks Tank.  Brooks tags in and they give Tank a double slam for a near fall.  Edris with punches to Brooks but Brooks with an uppercut.  Tank with an Irsih whip and a hip into the corner.  Hank tags in and he slams Edris and gets a near fall.  Brooks breaks up the cover and he punches Hank.  Hank punches bacck.  Brooks with punches to Edris followed by an uppercut.   Brooks with a head butt to Edris followed by punches.  Brooks with a running elbow to Edris in the corner followed by a clothesline from Josh.  Brooks with a spinning heel kick to Edris and then Josh and Broos with sliding punches to Hank and Edris.  Josh catches Blade and sends Blade against the ropes for a forearm.  Enofe with a drop kick to Hank.  

Josh with a boot to Hank and Hank gives Edris a DDT.  Josh, Hank, and Edris miss splashes.  Hank with a kick and Blade with knees and chops.  Blade with a forearm to Hank and a blockbuster to Josh.  Tank tags in and hits a clothesline on Blade and Josh.  Tank with a fallaway toss and Brooks with a super kick to Tank followed by a neck breaker.  Brooks with a Doctor Bomb of Blade onto Tank.  Josh tags in and they sets for the Hart Attack but Enofe breaks up the cover from the turnbuckles.  Blade with a frog splash for the three count.

Winners:  Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

We cut to Gallus and Joe asks if they are going to the pub.

Angel and Humberto show up and Angel says they are lucky that they were not in the match and Humberto says that they would lose the titles next week.

We go to Eddy Thorpe at the turntables.  Damon Kemp shows up and he says in two weeks, he is bringing Raw Underground to NXT.  No ropes and win by TKO or submission.

Damon says Eddy has no idea what he is in for.

We see Blair Davenport down after being attacked by Roxanne Perez.  Blair says game on.

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