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By Jose Perez on 2023-05-24 08:59:00


On Friday April 21st, 2023, I was able to attend an indie event that took place in Clermont, FL. The company, Local Pro Wrestling, put on a really good show for the approximately 200 fans that were present and were able to enjoy the fun, family friendly atmosphere that this small promotion was able to offer. Here are the results from the show:

Opening match

Ali Mohammed w/ D-Wayne vs Tibereous Wolfe – Wolfe came in hot and was able to get a quick roll up on Mohammed for the pin in less than 10 seconds. D-Wayne complained to the referee that his charge was not ready to start the match and demanded to restart the match.  Wolfe agreed to go at it once again, only this time Mohammed got the better of him when D-Wayne jumped on the apron and started arguing with the referee, which gave Mohammed the opportunity to hit Wolfe with the flag and get the pin for the win.

LPW Overall Champion, “Modern Day Classic” Daniel Lacey came out to do an in-ring promo, running down the fans and issuing a guarantee that he would retain his title later in the evening when he faces former WWE Superstar, Orlando “Epico” Colon.

Bobby Fonta came out for what everyone thought was going to be our next match, but while he was making his way around ringside, out came the debuting tag team of “Sexy, Tasty, Delicious” and attacked him. D.A. Dove and Moondog came out for the save. This served as the reason to set up a tag match for later in the evening.

Mike Hammer vs The Upgrade Mike Reed – Hammer tried to get the upper hand attacking Reed before the bell, but Reed was able to mount a quick come back and even things out. This was a good back and forth match that saw Hammer dominating a good portion of the match, only to fall short at the end when Reed applied a combination hammerlock into a lariat for the win.

“Dirty” Devin Diaz vs Coach Robert – Another good bout in which Diaz used heel antics to take the upper hand during the course of the match, focusing his attack on Coach Robert’s left leg. Later in the match, Coach Robert was able to mount a comeback, but was cut off again by Diaz. “Dirty” Devin went for his finisher, but was countered by Coach Robert, turning it into what looked like a version of a rock-bottom for the win.

Apocalyptic Hardcore Match

Deathrow Jethro w/ D-Wayne vs Nicholas Quinones – This match brought everything into use from both contenders. From chairs, a kendo stick, crutches, military paraphernalia, to legos! There was a table spot where both Jethro and Quinones hit the table on the outside. These two hit each other with everything they could. The end came when they came back in the ring, D-Wayne tried to intervene but received a spear from Quinones for his troubles. Jethro then hit Quinones with a computer keyboard and followed with a Deathrow Spike for the 1-2-3.

Right after a short intermission, Daemon MorningStar made his anticipated return. Morningstar was in the ring addressing the fans about how much he missed being in the ring after 5 long months of being out, he was interrupted by Dante Casanova. They went back and forth for a bit and ended up with Morningstar challenging Casanova to a match. The bell rings and we are off to the races. Really good match, that saw Casanova come up with the win after Alex Breeze ran in and shoved Morningstar off top rope, giving Casanova the advantage and allowing him to set up Morningstar for his finisher and the win.

Sexy, Tasty, Delicious!! vs D.A Dove & Moondog – Both teams really showed that they could play to the crowd and kept the fans involved all throughout the match. At approximately the 8 minute mark, the team of Sexy, Tasty, Delicious! was able to gain the advantage and score the pinfall with a top rope splash.

Main Event – LPW Overall Championship Match

Orlando “Epico” Colon vs “Modern Day Classic” Daniel Lacey (c)

Really good match from start to finish. The tides were turned several times during the course of the match, with good moments for both Colon and Lacey. Towards the end of the match, Colon was able to take the advantage and was mounting a good comeback. During a ref bump, Colon was able to apply the backstabber to Lacey, but the ref was out of commission and could not count. Another referee came out but only got a two count. Lacey went for a cover of his own with his feet on the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped the count. The ref and Lacey argued, Colon tried another backstabber but Lacey countered and went for a sidekick. Colon moved out of the way and the second ref ate the sidekick, knocking him out. The first ref was coming back into the ring when Lacey, out of frustration, went for a low blow, causing the referee to call for the DQ. The winner of the match, Orlando “Epico” Colon. However, due to the DQ, still LPW Overall Champion, Daniel Lacey.

As stated earlier, really fun show that you can take your entire family too. For those that arrived early, the talents were around the ring selling their merch, signing autographs, and taking pictures, including Orlando Colon, which was awesome to see. There were entire families in attendance, which was really nice to see. I attended the show with my son and we both really enjoyed it. The friendly atmosphere started right at the gate with the ladies that were in charge of the tickets and entrance, as well as everyone else on the staff.

LPW’s next event will take place over 2 nights on Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s the information shared by the promotion:

“Local Pro Wrestling presents 2 nights of back to back wrestling action at The Showcase of Citrus. 

Former WWE Superstar, Enzo Amore - “REAL 1” will be on hand both nights, not only wrestling, but he will also be doing a special VIP MEET AND GREET prior to the show. Plus all your favorites will be on hand including: LPW Overall Champion Daniel Lacey, Dante Casanova, Deathrow Jethrow, Bobby Fonta, Daemon Morningstar, Moondog, "The Upgrade" Mike Reed, and everybody's favorite "Swoleflake" Randy Wentworth.

Tickets are available now at”

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