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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-22 09:29:00

For the many of you who asked, the original plan was for Mercedes Mone to win the NJPW Strong Women's Championship last night but when she suffered the broken ankle, an audible was called.

NJPW announced the following:

Taiji Ishimori injured; to miss remainder of BOSJ tour


Thank you for supporting New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

On May 21, during his Best of the Super 30 league match with Hiromu Takahashi, Taiji Ishimori sustained an injury to his cervical vertebra. As a result, he will not be cleared to compete for the remainder of the Best of the Super Jr. tour.

After being given an assessment, Ishimori was discharged and is able to recuperate at home. He is currently comfortable and able to move normally, but does not have a timetable for a return to the ring at this time.

As Ishimori cannot wrestle TJP in Osaka May 23, he will lose via forfeit, and TJP gains two points. 

We apologise to fans who were looking forward to seeing Ishimori wrestle, and appreciate your understanding. NJPW joins fans in wishing Ishimori a fast, full recovery. 

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