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By Mike Johnson on 2023-05-09 10:54:00

Highspots has released the following tribute video in honor of Kristi Schoepfer, the wife of and Wrestlecon owner Michael Bochicchio, who passed away following a hard battle with cancer several weeks ago:

Over the years since Wrestlecon was instituted, Kristi was always, always an incredibly helpful and wonderful part of that event who was instrumentally important to the logistical side of the operations and was in many ways the glue that helped keep so many parts of the event together.  It is impossible to overstate how overwhelming an event at that level can be to plan, produce and execute in real time while trying to maintain customer service and keep an untold amount of issues, public and private alike, together to make sure everything comes together as perfectly as possible.  Kristi always did that and was one of the true unsung heroes of Highspots and Wrestlecon alike.

Everyone at sends our continued condolences to Michael, Kristi's family and friends and everyone at

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