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By Mike Johnson on 2023-04-21 10:00:00

If you could change anything about WWE or AEW right now, what would it be?

It would be the same for both promotions but ESPECIALLY AEW.  I feel like so often, the shows are off to the races and running to the next segment or match or interview backstage that we, as viewers, don't get to take in what we just watched, whether it be a special match or a big angle or promo, to digest it, before the next thing is being tossed at us.  I think everyone involved in the braintrust of the companies need to remember that when something important happens in a big movie or a sporting event, there is a moment where its celebrated or a beat is taken in fictional storytelling to allow us to feel the importance of a character's epiphany or sorrow or victory or whatever. 

A lot of times in 2023, pro wrestling, we have a big title win or a big promo and then 10 seconds later it's go to the back for whatever this next 30 second segment is.  I am sure no one means for this to happen, but when it does, it hurts the impact of those moments for the fans and their ability to relate to the characters.  I'd make sure that when shows are formatted, if there are going to be those sort of moments, we take time to let the crowd react to it (and show it on tv) and to let viewers connect with the moments.  There's no need for the old "Crash TV" format every single week, every single moment.  The Bloodline is a great example of how letting small moments and lingering shots help build characters and segments into something meaningful for the long term.

I was watching Impact, and the Digital Media title - shouldn't that belt be, well, a NFT or something?  Why is there a PHYSICAL Digital Media title?

I think you may have broken the Internet.  The only answer I have to that is at some point, Impact will want to sell replica belts.

Any word on the return of Heels or GLOW?

GLOW was canceled by Netflix as it was filming its latest season.  One would hope that at some point, they will decide to at least finish off the series somehow, but given the cast and crew have scattered to the far winds, I think the odds of GLOW happening are about as good as me finally getting a Jericho reunion but perhaps as stars Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie's stars continue to rise, they and creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch will build enough clout to see something happen.  The show was TOO good to end without proper closure, but so were lots of other TV series.

The second season of Heels is 100% produced and finished but was held up from being released as Starz and Lionsgate untangled their corporate ties.  We have heard from some close to the show they hoped it would be released this summer.

What does Billy Corgan get out of owning the NWA?

He gets to run a promotion.  He loves pro wrestling and has the means to produce it, so what is he not getting out of it?

Best movies about pro wrestling that aren't about pro wrestling?

The two that come to mind are these:

Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, which follows life on the road for a fictional band, Stillwater, in the early 1970s and is pretty much an accurate depiction of what that life as a touring act is and the crazy characters you meet and the relationships and bonds that exist in that bubble - but not your real world - for those involved.  I just much feel the spirit of my time around ECW when I watch that film.

Robert D. Siegel's Big Fan, which follows the life of a football obsessed fan who's every joy is tied into the New York Giants and what happens to him when he has a tragic encounter with his favorite player.  If you ever wanted an insight into the most fanatical pro wrestling fan you could imagine, it's Patton Oswald's portrayal of the lead character.  It's someone who cannot break with his love of something, even when it's detrimental to his own happiness and evolution as a person.

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