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By Dave Scherer on 2023-04-05 10:00:00

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This question comes from me.  I have gotten at least 20 versions of “I’m done with WWE now that Vince is back.  It was nice while it lasted.  The Raw after Mania was the worst show ever.  Every Titleholder wasn’t on the show.  Why should I keep watching” etc.  So here’s my take as of Tuesday April 4.

R-E-L-A-X.  First and foremost, we don’t know what Vince’s status will be.  He could have taken over at any time and he didn’t do it.  If he starts going to every TV again, then yes we have a major issue.  But until he does, it’s just as possible he was at WrestleMania so he was at Raw and he decided to run the show.  He told CNBC that he will NOT be doing the nuts and bolts of the booking and until he shows me otherwise I will take him at his word.  As for Raw, I didn’t hate it the way that a lot of people online did in their hot takes, so I can’t address that.  All I can say is that it was one night.  If that one night is enough to make you bail, you weren’t that invested in the first place, and that is your right.  

If Endeavor doesn’t keep Paul Levesque in charge, what does he do next?

Well all signs are that they will keep him but if they made the mistake of letting him go, he will be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.  But he’s still a young man so if I were him, I would contact NBCU about spearheading a company under their auspices, on their dime.  It’s clear to anyone with a brain that he is a great booker.  He should be booking.

I love when you poke fun at the dumb things that Tony Khan does. It makes me laugh and more I love when it sets off people who refuse to see Tony’s faults and call you names. Do you laugh at them too?

I mostly don’t hear from them because I don’t care to but when one of them leak through the ooze, I do laugh at them.  Here’s the thing, I have been critical of a lot of people in a lot of companies.  The only fans that have consistently taken good natured ribbing and legitimate criticism personally are AEW fans.  I guess they have an inferiority complex.

You have said all along that your opinion was that Vince would sell WWE because it would be the greatest ending to a guy who grew up with him mother in a trailer in North Carolina.  On his CNBC interview, he said it was the biggest deal of his life.  My question is did people tell you that Vince thought that way or did you just read the tea leaves.

It was my take on the situation.  The end of Vince’s story should have been to sell the empire he created for an obscene amount of money.  It’s the ultimate win and validation of his life’s work.  I wish he would have gone off into the sunset but that’s life!

Once you get past being mad that Cody lost and reflect, the match was amazing.  It took us on a ride.  It was why we love this business.

I said all along I was so conflicted on this one.  It could go either way.  If Cody was going to lose, he had to come out as a winner in the process.  I know pretty much everyone wanted him to win and I get that, I was rooting for it too.  As Eps said on our Monday show, if Roman wins he will need a while to process them ruining what he wanted and then understand why they did.  That’s where we are.  Sami has been screwed.  Cody has been screwed.  Whoever beats Roman?  The pop will be insane.  With it be Sami?  Or Roman?  Or Jey?  Or someone else?  We will see.

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