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By Paul Jordan on 2023-03-28 08:35:00

Jon Moxley's latest podcast appearance on his wife Renée Paquette's The Sessions is now live.

Regarding CM Punk's recent comments on social media regarding working with Moxley, the former AEW Champion initially didn't want to respond but then reveals that he wasn't under contract with AEW at the time of the incident in question.  From his perspective, he did not technically work for AEW and Tony Khan technically wasn't his boss so Moxley didn't have to perform at the All Out PPV and put Punk over in a storyline.  He said he didn't have to do anything but even being in the room and agreeing to the storyline was Moxley bending over backwards for Punk and Khan and AEW.

He said he didn't want to get dragged into "dumb sh**" and could "unload on a lot of people" but was choosing not to get "dragged into" it.   Moxley said, "Just because somebody said some stupid sh*t on social media, that’s not news, but it is and become a thing."

Moxley stated that at the time, he had gotten out of rehab and wasn't sure about signing a new agreement with the company, for fear of what going back to wrestling might bring to the surface.   AEW added time to his already existing deal due to his time in treatment, but he really enjoyed what he was doing with the company and eventually signed a new deal.

Moxley said he doesn't understand why people have to be so negative and not just enjoy what they're doing. The former AEW Champion expressed frustration with wrestlers in the locker room getting mired down into the BS, although he does say that is a small group and most people behind-the-scenes are cool.  He said the vast majority in AEW just want to do their thing and get better.

Moxley said that after all his time in wrestling, he's never seen "so much bullsh** drama" in one place as he does in AEW.  He theorized that perhaps its because of social media but everything gets blown out of proportion after "one drunk tweet" and it's "all anybody wants to talk about."  He doesn't understand why people fixate on the controversial stuff instead of how cool a match like Kenny Omega vs. Hijo del Vikingo was, for example

Moxley talks about working with the talent behind the scenes, noting specifically that he's been working with Marina Shaffir, helping her with the small things when it comes to wrestling presentation.

In closing the podcast, Moxley talks about his respect for the Young Bucks and the Elite for doing things their own way, he said that there are many that hate The Bucks because in Moxley's words, "they hate themselves."

Moxey, interweaving storyline with reality, states that even though he respects The Elite that the BCC will still destroy people.  He is not an old man with a podcast.

He also discussed working the Indies and why he feels they are important, AEW working more house shows, his thoughts on bleeding during matches, changing the status quo, bringing wrestling back to the Cincinnati market, cats, being inspired by MMA storytelling and more.

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