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By Steven Fernandes on 2023-03-27 18:27:00

ESPN reported that former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant and former Baylor Basketball defensive player Mark Vital are among current and former college athletes trying out with WWE this week. 

They note that 26 women and 24 men will be participating, with potential contracts being given out at the end of the week. The tryout participants represent 37 schools and 13 sports, with football (13) representing the largest contingent for the men and track and field (9) the biggest group for the women. Other sports represented include wrestling (6 male), basketball (4 female, 2 male), powerlifting (3 female) and cheer (1 female, 1 male).

Other names set to try out are ex-Oklahoma linebacker Caleb Kelly, former Oregon State linebacker Kyrei Fisher-Morris, former Utah offensive lineman Bamidele Olaseni and former Kansas and Ohio State offensive lineman Kevin Feder, Former Baylor track star Morgan Stewart, All-Mountain West track honorees Breanna Covington (Fresno State) and Kasey Ebb (San Diego State), Reggie Jagers, a 2020 Olympian in discus who attended Kent State, and Darrell Mason, a Division II national champion wrestler at Minnesota State.

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