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By Kendall Jenkins on 2023-03-23 09:58:00

For years, WWE has been thrilling millions of spectators around the world with its unique and exciting brand of entertainment. It has established itself as one of the leading global entertainment phenomena.

Recently, it has taken advantage of new technologies to ensure that fans can get the best possible experience.There has been an increased popularity of Wrestling than ever due to the improved methods of fan engagement.

WWE has been utilizing Big Data and analytics to get a better grasp of its audience and improve the overall quality of its shows. 

With this article, we will explore how Big Data is helping WWE revamp the world of pro wrestling.

Let's know what big data is before we jump deep into knowing how WWE is using it. 

What is Big data?

Big Data is characterized by its large and complex nature, which can often be too much for traditional data management strategies. With the development of new technologies, these datasets are generated more frequently and require new approaches to efficiently manage them.

Big Data technologies are designed to collect, process, and analyze these massive data sets, providing businesses with valuable insights that they can use to improve their operations.

How WWE is using Big data?

WWE has always focused on data-collection and analysis. They collect and analyze data on ticket sales, merchandise sales and social media engagement. But with the emergence of Big Data technologies, they are now able to collect and analyze data at a much larger scale for greater insights.

Here are some of the ways in which WWE is using Big Data to change the game of professional wrestling:

Create personalized content:

WWE is using Big Data to create personalized content for its fans, which is enhancing their viewing experience. It is leveraging Big Data by collecting and analyzing customer data points like interests, behavior, and preferences, so as to create content that resonates best with their individual fan base. Here's how data can be used to provide tailored content:

  • Big data helps to understand audience demographics and their viewing habits. This helps them better understand what kind of content resonates with different groups of fans and create tailored experiences to optimize viewership. For instance, WWE can identify which wrestlers, matches, and storylines are most popular with fans in different regions or age groups. Using this information, WWE can tailor its content to ensure that it resonates with its target audience.

  • Big Data is used to provide personalized recommendations to its audience based on their viewing history. The company utilizes algorithms to evaluate the viewing trends of individual fans and suggest content that catches their interest. This method makes sure that everyone gets content created specifically for them as per their interest. 

  • By collecting and interpreting social media data, WWE has been able to get an in-depth understanding of how fans are responding to their brand, wrestlers, and content. Big Data has enabled them to optimize their offerings and engage with fans in more meaningful ways. 

  • By leveraging information from fans they can also identify trends in the behavior of their fans, for example - which wrestlers have the most active instagram followers. Such data points can assist in producing effective content to further engage fans.

Enhanced storytelling

WWE has incorporated Big Data in order to develop captivating storylines and leave viewers wanting more. This helps to increase engagement with the brand, by giving greater insights into the wrestling industry. The company is collecting data on various aspects of its audience, including their preferences, behavior, and interests, and then using this information to shape its storylines and characters.

  • The company can analyze social media engagement to identify which wrestlers, storylines, or matches are most popular with fans.

  • For instance, after digging into Big Data, WWE's creative team realized that horror-themed content and characters with a darker, edgier vibe were trending among their fans. This insight allowed them to understand what viewers wanted and make adjustments to their strategy accordingly.

 After careful analysis of market trends and fan preferences, WWE decided to introduce The Fiend as a character. His dark aura, spooky entrance, and horror-filled soundtrack were all crafted to draw the attention of viewers into this particular genre of content. The Fiend's debut quickly became one of the most talked-about and popular characters in WWE.

  • Also, One area where big data is particularly useful for the WWE is in automating the process like converting images from JPG to PDF this saves both time and resources for the company, freeing up analysts to take on more complicated tasks.

Performance tracking

WWE is utilizing Big Data to ensure that their wrestlers stay in shape and reduce the likelihood of getting injured. The data collected includes movement patterns, strength and expected reasons that can lead to injury.

  • WWE can proactively address potential issues and minimize the chances of injury if they are identified in advance. This will help keep their wrestlers safe and healthy.

  • The data collected, like moves, techniques and strategies can be used to create specialized training plans for wrestlers to help boost their performance. This information can be used to create personalized training plans to help wrestlers improve their performance and stay competitive..

Predicting Revenue streams

Predicting revenue streams is a crucial aspect of WWE's business strategy, and big data plays a significant role in this process. Here's how WWE uses predictive analysis to forecast their revenue streams:

  • WWE has long-standing television agreements with many networks, like USA Network, Fox Sports and BT Sport. By researching viewership data and metrics for the past, WWE can accurately determine the future value of their TV rights.

 For example, if WWE sees a trend of increasing viewership among a particular demographic group, they can use this data to negotiate higher fees for their TV rights from networks targeting that demographic.

  • .By looking at past data on viewership, ticket sales, and merchandise purchases, WWE can accurately predict how much revenue future events will create. WWE events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam bring in huge amounts of money for the organization. If WWE sees a trend of increasing ticket sales and merchandise purchases leading up to WrestleMania, they can predict that the event will be more profitable than the previous year's WrestleMania.

  • WWE has become experienced in examining data related to ticket sales, attendances, and revenue generated through concession and merchandise sales. This helps them gain insights on the probable revenue of upcoming events such as Monday Night RAW or SmackDown around the world.


Predictive analysis has enabled WWE to predict future trends, identify new talent, and tailor programming to fan preferences.

By utilizing big data, WWE is maintaining their status as a major player in the industry. This ensures they remain ahead of the competition and improve the fan experience. The consistent utilization of big data analytics has greatly changed the game for WWE, allowing them to continue to be successful in the world of professional wrestling.


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