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By Cory Strode on 2023-03-22 20:03:00

It is Wednesday and AEW Dynamite is at the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, MO. Our commentary team is Excalbur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone.

The show opens with the Young Bucks being taken to the hospital from an attack before the show starts and as the ambulance is taking off, Adam Page gets in to go with them as Kenny Omega stays behind for his dream match against a guy I have never heard of. 

Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin and Sting vs Kip Sabian, Butcher and Blade

We start off with Sabian and Cassidy giving us the more serious Cassidy, and then we get Sting and Butcher where we get Sting’s greatest hits.  Sting steals Cassidy’s bit where he slowly rolls out of the way when someone goes to the top, which gets a big crowd reaction.  Once Darby tags in, the match turns to where he is the babyface in peril as we go to picture in picture. So far, the match feels like a series of setups and payoffs and doesn’t have a lol of flow from one sequence to the other.

As we come back, Darby is able to get the hop tag to Cassiyd, who is quickly beat down. Sting is able to tag in and he hits Sabian with the soft kicks before beating him down. When all three men start attacking Sting, Darby comes in to make the save, and then Cassidy joins in after Darby gets his spotlight. Sting then gets the Scorpion Death Drop  for the pin and the win.

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin and Sting

A quick crowd pleaser fo an opener, and I liked that Sting did the Orange Cassidy shenanigans stuff so that they can keep moving Cassidy into a more serious role. 

We then get a video package of the MJF confrontation last week and how Darby, Sammy Guevara, and Jungle Boy feel they should each get the shot to challenge him.

When we come back, there is a video to give the reason behind why the Kenny Omega vs Hijo Del Vikingo is a big deal. We are then told that itr is alleged that the Blackpool Combat Club are the ones who attacked the Young Bucks.

The Gunns (AEW Tag Team Champions) vs Top Flight

The Gunns get a loud reaction with the crowd calling them the Ass Boys as the match starts. The match itself starts off with the Gunns pulling old school heel tactics against Top Flight doing their high flying stuff, being cut off from time to time by the Gunns. Darius Martin gets the hot tag right as we come back from commercials. We move into near falls until The Kingdom come down to ring side and takes out Darius. This allows the Gunns to get 3:10 To Yuma for the pin and the win.

Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions: The Gunns

This match brings the feud between The Kingdom and Top Flight to Dynamite and keeps up the heel heat for The Gunns, so it was an OK match that did its job. 

FTR comes out as soon as the match is over. FTR says they are here to talk business and the Gunns bad mouth them. The Gunns say they have beaten them before and they have nothing FTR to offer for a title match. FTR then offers to never tag again if they lose. The Gunns say they don’t care. FTR then offers that if they lose, they will leave AEW forever.

The Gunns agree to that and then spit in their face as they bail out of the ring.

We then get a recap of Taya Valkyrie’s debut, where she uses a finisher that is the same as Jade Cargill’s. We then get Jade and her group where Smart Mark Sterling shows a cease and desist order that Leila Grey will be delivering on Rampage. And it looks like Renee Paquette is the one Jade tells to cut the shit now. 

Stokely Hathaway vs Hook No DQ Match

The announcers let us know that there will be more house shows announced soon.

Stokely says that he is not medically cleared to compete. He also announces he is retiring from in ring competition today. He hands Justin Roberts the Doctor’s note. Justin tells him that it is a receipt from Wingstop and the bell rings.

Stokely bails and runs through the crowd. Hook catches up with him and tossees him back into the ringside area. Hook then hits a shoulder capture suplex with Stokely screaming the whole time. Stokely is rolled into the ring and Hook gets a barricade from under the ring, and in the back The Firm says they didn’t trail Stokely for a hardcore match.

Stokely hits Hook with a fire extinguisher and gets a chair. Hook is able to take the chair from him and batters him down with it. Stokely is then tossed into the barricade and Hook covers…and then pulls him up and two. Hook locks in the Rederum and Stokely taps out.

Winner: Hook

In the back, Matt Hardy tells Ethan Page to avenge Stokely as being the only man who can beat him. This was a “manager gets beat down” match, and Stokey did a great job of being scared, finding a bit of fake courage when he thought he had the upper hand, and then taking the bumps. It's an old formula, but it always works. The only problem was that they didn’t build to it every week, so it didn’t have the impact it could have. 

Adam Cole is out to hype his return to the ring next week, and the reality show starting next week.  And no, I won’t be covering that.  I haven’t watched a reality show since The Surreal House back in the 2000’s and I still have traumatic memories from that.

Cole says everyone is wondering who his opponent will be when he returns tro the ring, and Daniel Garcia’s underwhelming music hits. The crowd lets Garcia know they don’t want him to talk using R rated language. Garcia says that since Cole left, he’s become a locker room leader. He then runs down the people he has beaten while Cole was at home playing video games. 

Cole says that Garcia may be a big star someday, but he is still Adam Cole Bay Bay. He then cuts a big babyface promo about getting a second chance. He then accepts Garcia’s challenge next week on Dynamite. 

In the back Alex goes into Kenny Omega’s locker room and he is telling Don Callis that he should have gone to the hospital with the Bucks. Don says that them going to the hospital may be the best thing that ever happened to him since they will be back in a few months, but Omega has a huge match tonight.

Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson

Both the Blackpool Combat Club and the Dark Order come to the ring. 

Stu starts off by charging Mox and bringing the fight to him. It quickly turns to a brawl where Mox is back on his heels for a lot of it. Mox gets control during the picture in picture and stomps in Stu’s head when we come back to full screen. Stu takes the kicks and attacks from Mox and then starts throwing hands when Mox says to hit him. 

When Stu goes up to the top after a flurry, the BCC looks to interfere, but the Dark Order stops them, and Stu leaps onto the BCC. Mox is able to get on the bulldog choke and when Stu fights out of it, he uses knee strikes to bring Stu back down. Stu gets to his feet with Mox on hsi back and cannonballs Mox into the corner.

Mox and Stu fight on the top and Mox gets a avalanche Death Rider for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

The Dark Order rush the ring after the win to keep Mox from starting the post match beat down. 

A decent brawl to keep the feud alive.

Renee is in the back with Ricky Starks and he says he is tired of talking to have to deal with Juice Robinson. He says on Rampage, he’s done talking. 

QTV makes fun of Rey Fenix getting beat by Powerhouse Hobbs. Does anyone still watch TMZ for this to be anything other than annoying?

Toni Storm vs Skye Blue

Saraya and Ruby Soho come to the ring with Toni, and Skye, being a babyface, comes to the ring alone, which shows she has learned nothing over the last few weeks. After a brief flurry at the beginning, Skye just takes a beating through the match. Like most of the matches tonight, this is a way to keep the stories percolating and move things forward a step.  

Skye is still green, but she’s good here at making Toni’s stuff look strong. Skye gets a near fall after a series of kicks when we come back from commercial. Toni cuts her off with a Thesz press. Skye gets a pin while the ref is dealing with Ruby on the apron. Toni is able to get a hip attack, a German Suplex and finally the Storm Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

The Outcasts get the spray can, but Riho and Willow Nightingale run the ring and Riho has a metal pipe. 

We get a rundown of the matches on Rampage.

Backstage, the Blackpool Combat Club attacks Stu Greyson as he is being looked over by medical personnel. 

Kenny Omega vs Hijo Del Vikingo

Other than the brief intro video, they have done nothing to introduce Vikingo. Excalibur gives us a quick background on him, but just think how cool it would have been if we got an introduction video last week, a hype video on Rampage, and Kenny Omega talking about their rivalry rather than talking about the Young Bucks.

Kenny gets the Big Over The Top Introduction for Kenny Omega.

Vikingo hits Omega with a tope as Omega comes to the ring. It’s been a long time since Omega has had a solo match, so they will need to remind us of what he is like in these types of matches. Vikingo gets all sorts of high flying stuff in to start the match and the crowd is there for it. When Omega gets control of the match, he pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside.

When we get back from picture in picture they are fighting on the apron, which we are told is the hardest part of the ring. Kenny teases a snap dragon suplex off the apron but Vikingo is able to cut him off with a 450 into a Hurricanrana off the apron that looked incredible. Vikingo then starts pulling out his big stuff such as a Phoenix Splash as we move to a series of near falls.

While the Bucks seem to be turning babyface (if they aren’t already) Omega is still working as Heel Omega both with his moves and facial expressions. Vikingo is able to put Omega through the table at ringside with a 630 senton. Just a lot of spectacular moves and everything looks crisp and snaps. 

This match is taking the crowd on a ride, and it’s a lot like the stuff that Omega does in New Japan, and if Vikingo was staying in AEW, this would be a star-making moment for him. Omega is able to get the One Winged Angel for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

After the match, The Blackpool Combat Club attack Omega during his interview with Tony Schiavone. We hear sirens and see an ambulance pull up and it’s Adam Page with weapons and he is on the way to the ring. He charges the ring and the BCC bail and stay at ringside to threaten. Page gets grabbed by Callis, and Page shrugs him off.  Callis drops to the mat as if he’s been hit and Omega recovers to see Callis on the mat.  He and Page have words and then Omega and Callis leaves. 

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