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By Anthony Pires on 2023-03-22 20:22:00

It's Wednesday night and you know what means! AEW Dynamite is LIVE and on the air.  Tony Schiavone, Excalibur and Taz are on the call as we have a World Tag Team Title Match on tap tonight.

Hangman Page is at an ambulance and we see that The Young Bucks were attacked prior to Dynamite going on the air. Page rides to the hospital with them as Kenny Omega and Don Callis look on. Omega seems angry.

Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin & Sting vs. Kip Sabian, The Butcher and The Blade w/The Bunny & Penelope Ford

Kip and Cassidy kick us off. They reverse headlocks. Arm drag by Cassidy, Sabian to his feet.  Cassidy sends Kip to the floor and puts his hands in his pockets.  Kip charges and he eats a dropkick.  Butcher tags in as does Sting. Clubbing forearms have no effect on the Icon.  Sting with chops and right hands. Thumb to the eye by Butcher, he misses a charge and Sting nails a Stinger Splash.  All 6 battle it out. Double suplex by B&B. Kip tags in and Sting rolls away from a Kip splash, just like Cassidy would. Darby tags in and nails a Destroyer for 2. Ford causes a distraction and Blade knocks Allin off the top rope as we head to commercial.

Welcome back to live action. It's Butcher with a powerbomb to Allin for 2. Kip tags in and Darby tries to tag out and finally gets to Cassidy. Cross body by Cassidy.  DDT and a kip up by the International Champion. Kip scores a 2 off of a Blade power bomb. Sting tags in, Kip isn't aware. Sting with the OC kicks and punches Kip down. Power Bomb into a scorpion death lock. Butcher and Blade break it up. Allin helps out. All 6 are fighting. Stunner by Darby to Kip and Sting finishes him off his a Scropion Death Drop.


Darby is focused on the Double or Nothing banner.

We see the afterrmath of the Re-Bar Mitzah form last week. The pillars all want their shot.

We see a video package on Kenny Omega and El Hijo De Vikingo.

Brandon Cutler has accused the Blackpool Combat Club of attacking the Elite earlier.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Gunn Club vs Top Flight

Dante and Colton kick us off with a test of strength. Gunn misses a clothesline and Dante with a deep Arm drag. Darius tags in and nails a huge dropkick. The Gunns bail to the floor. We re set the action with a lockup. Austin guillotines Dante behind the ref's back as we go to commercial.

We're back and it's Darius tagging in and cleaning house. LAriat to Colton followed by an eziguiri. Spanish Fly for 2 by Darius to Colton. Dante rags in and nails a Kallas for 2. Darius wipes out Colton on the floor BUT Colton makes a save on a pin attempt. The Gunns nail 3:10 to Yuma on Dante for the pin after Mike Bennett and Matt Taven provided interference and a distraction.


Out comes FTR. They've come to talk business.The Gunns run them down and brag about their own success. FTR offers the guarantee that they'll never challenge them or tag ever again if they lose. The Gunns reject them. FTW says they'll quit AEW if they lose. This intrigues the Gunns and they accept. They spit in FTR's face and bail.

We see highlights of Taya Valkarie. Jade is with Renee, who is now the object of Jade's cut the $h!t line. MArk Sterling has a cease and desist for Taya using Jade's finsiher.

No DQ Match: Stokely Hathaway vs. Hook

Stokley has some breaking news. He said he's not medically cleared and that he's officially retired. The ref rejects his sick note. Stokley bails, Hook chases him and slams him into the steps and into the barricade. Stokley with an ineffective punch. Shoulder Capture suplex by Hook and Hook grabs a a spare barricade.

The Firm is watching in the back. Stokley sprays a fire extinguisher into Hook's face. Stokely has a chair. Hook wrestles it away and nails away. T Bone Tazplex into the guard rail by Hook. Redrum and that's it.


Backstage, Matt Hardy encourages Ethan Page to fight Hook

Adam Cole come out to talk. It's story time. 7 days he returns. He says he feels great and prepared. Out comes Daniel Garcia to interrupt. He declares himself a locker room leader. He welcomes Cole back and says he;s here to put Cole in his place. Garcia declares himself an excellent sports entertainer. Cole says he thinks Garcia is really good. He can't stand the company Garcia keeps. Cole goes over his accolades. It's Garcia vs. Cole next week.

Jon Moxley w/Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castignoli vs. Stu Grayson w/ Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds

Tackle by Grayson he fires away in the corner. Moxley with chops, Stu returns the favor. Moxley with a boot to the face. Side headlock takeover by Moxley, he scores a 1 count. They trade shoulder tackles and the action spills to the floor. They return immediately and Moxley hits a Saito suplex and tackles Grayson to the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back and Moxley with stomps and scores a 2.  Side kicks by Moxley, Grayson fires back. Flatliner by Grayson and a uranage into a senton for 2. Grayson with moonsault to Yuta and Claudio on the outside. Grayson kicks Moxley to the jaw and hits a 450 for 2. Moxley reverses a Nightfall into the bull dog choke. Knee strikes by Moxley into a rear choke. Grayson cannonballs Moxley into the corner to escape. Pele kick by Grayson. Moxley attacks Grayson on the top rope with a head butt. Moxley with an Avalanche Death Rider for the Pin.


The Blackpool Combat Club leave through the disapproving crowd.

Renee is with Ricky Starks, who is sick of talking about Juice Robinson.  He'll be at Rampage Friday and challenges Juice.

QTV time. They make fun of Wardlow, Rey Fenix and take credit for hacking Dave Meltzer's Twitter

Toni Storm vs. Skye Blue

Kicks by Storm, she slams Blue into the buckle. Kick by Blue into elbows. Dropkick by Blue. Hurancanrana by Blue. Blue to the top rope but knocks her off. Hip attack by Storm. Saraya and Ruby attack while the ref's back is turned. Storm with a chop. She misses the follow up. Blue tries to attack the Outcasts but Storm with an elbow as we hit commercial.

Blue shoves Storm to the ground and a snap mare. Kick by Blue. Coss body by Blue. Knee strike by Blue into an enziguri for 2. Blue misses a Code Blue and Storm with a Thez press into ground and pound. Storm scores a 2 count. Knee strike by Blue. Code Blue by Blue for 2. Arm drag and a dropkick by Storm. Hip attack by Storm into a German. Storm zero and Storm scores the pin.


Here comes the green paint and Riho and Willow Nightingale make the save. The Outcasts bail.

The Blackpool Combat club attack Stu Grayson in the back.

El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Kenny Omega

Vikinko with a tope and then a tope con hillo at the outset. Dropkick by by Vikingo.  Omega fights back as the match officially begins. Omega misses a charge. Implosion rana by Vikingo. Knee strike by Vikingo. Shooting star to the floor by Vikingo.

Kansas City thinks this is awesome.

450 by Vikingo for 2. Kicks by Vikingo. They trade chops and Vikingo goesdown. Jabs by Omega. Omega with a back breaker. Fisherman by Omega for 2. To the floor we go and Omega sends him into the rail. Here comes a table as we go to commercial

Kansas City wants a table.  There's one set up. Omega chokes Vikingo on the bottom rope. Rana by Vikingo. They fight on the apron. Monkey Flip on the apron by Omega.  Omega tries a snap dragon but Vikingo blocks it and hits a rana to the floor. Forearms by Vikingo. Roundhouse kick by Vikingo. Vikingo completes a rana off the top. Vikingo with a Phoenix Splash from the floor. The crowd is happy,  I hope Omega isn't paralyzed.  He's not.  Omega with a powerbomb into a V Trigger for 2. Snap dragon by Omega. V Trigger by Omega. Vikingo blocks the One Winged Angel.  Swan dive rana by Vikingo. Omega rolls on to the table. Vikingo with a 630 to the table.

If you like spectacles, this is for you.

They slug it out. V Trigger by Omega into a sunset flip bomb by Vikingo. Vikingo misses a 630. Omega hits the OWA and scores the pin.


Here comes Schiavone to talk to Omega. He gets attacked by the BCC immediately. he ambulance shows back up. Hangman Page emerges.  Page charges the ring and the Blackpoolers bail. Callis pretends that Page hit him and Omega seems angry at Page.

Omega and Callis leave and we go to credits.

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