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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-23 10:01:00

Do you think Triple H would bring back Goldberg?

I think if he wanted to have him wrestle, he could have signed him and kept him under contract.

Is it true that Triple H personally disliked battle royals, lumberjack/lumberjill matches and multi-person tag team matches without any backstory whatsoever as he wants more long-term storylines in the WWE?

I think it's true, based on the fact that we haven't seen stipulation matches mindlessly churned out since he took over the creative reigns.

Well, it’s about time Andy Kaufman is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame! Now obviously the best person to induct Kaufman is Jerry Lawler (and I hope that can still happen), but on the chance that Lawler’s stroke recovery impedes him from coming to the event, who would be the best second choice?

Jimmy Hart, in my opinion.

From what I can tell, CMLL is the oldest extant wrestling promotion in the world. Do you know what the very first pro wrestling organization was?

I don't think there was a first pro wrestling organization.  It was probably a bunch of legitimate fights that eventually morphed into works.  It's not like there was any sort of clearcut process to it beyond it was easier to work the marks vs. beat the hell out of each other, especially if you wanted any true longevity.

Who do you think will be the next WWE statue they will reveal?

I haven't heard of them revealing a new statue this year, but certainly, it could happen.  I like the idea of them doing Rey Mysterio since he's being inducted, but don't know if they could logistically get that completed in time,

Why hasn't WWE Studios re-released any of the other Hulk Hogan movies, like Suburban Commando?

WWE didn't produce those other films, only "No Holds Barred" so they would have no claim on re-releasing them.  It's up to the individual studios to do so and I don't believe there would be a massive call for them.

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