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By Cory Strode on 2023-03-21 08:10:00

It’s time for NWA Power, our commentary team is Tim Storm,Velvet Sky, and Joe Galli.

Joe Galli is in an empty arena with the number one contender, Chris Adonis, who is challenging Tyrus for the world title. Adonis says he feels underappreciated, but this is his shot. He tells Tyrus that if he applies the master lock it is all over. Tyrus then shows and his reaction is congratulations, but he is the undisputed NWA world champion. Tyrus says that for the Masterlock, he has to dominate, and he doesn’t think Adonis can lock it on the champ.  

We get another video for Ashley D’Amboise and Kenzie Paige from last week hyping their upcoming match. 

Kenzie Paige vs Ashley D’Amboise in a NWA Women’s TV Title Tournament Matc

They lock up collar and elbow and no one gets an advantage. They break and Kenzie says Ashley is pulling hair. Ashley gets a knee strike, a slam and a leg drop for a two count. Kenzie gets in a kick and a series of blows before dropping an elbow for two. Ashley trips Kenzie and slams her elbow on the mat, but Ashley misses a leg drop. As they fight in the corner the ref gets stuck between them and misses Kenzie poking the eyes. 

Kenzie gets a series of blows and slams Ashley for two. Kenzie gets a rear chinlock and Ashley forces them both to their feet and hits a series of elbows to escape. We then get a double hair pull and both women are down. Kenzie take s over with forearms to the back when they get to their feet. Ashley is then able to get the ropes and bounces off with a series of clotheslines and knees, ending with a swinging neckbreaker for two.

Kenzie hits a drop toe hold on Ashley into the ropes. Ashley recovers and gets a cutter for the pin and the win.

Winner and moving on to the finals in Chicago: Ashley Paige

May Valentine is with Trevor Murdoch and asks him about his official business. He says he is injured and out of work. When he’s back on live Power, he will be getting revenge.

Mike Knox vs Stacee Alexander

They lock up collar and elbow with Knox driving them into the corner. They break clean and Stacee jacks his jaws. Knox is being cheered now that he turned on Matt Cardona a few weeks ago. Knox gets a series of blows in and then hits an Irish Whip into the corner. Knox hits a splash and a short arm clothesline. He goes after Stacee in the ropes and then a series of blows in the ropes before a running leg into Stacee, still in the ropes. Knox keeps up the attack on the apron. 

Knox gets a hip attack in the corner and covers and only gets one as Stacee grabs the ropes. When they get to the feet, Stacee claws at Knox’s eyes and works him over in the corner with knees and elbows. He whips Knox to the corner, and Knox gets a foot up and follows with a cross body. Knox beats Stacee down with blows and head butts and then hits the crash and burn for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mike Knox

May Valentine is with Bobby Fulton, and he’s upset about how The Fixers have been treating him. He gave up the belt when he lost, but the Fixers haven't done it. He’s been retired, but he gives an open challenge to either one of the Fixers. He says he’s had health challenges, but he won’t stand for anyone to disrespect the wrestling business. 

May also interviews the Spectaculars and asks Rolando what his relationship is with Aron Stevens. He says they were both betrayed by Stevens. Aron manipulated him into the NWA Title match, but he wasn’t ready for it. He will now go after Aron whenever he sees him. 

Thom Latimer (NWA TV Champion) vs Rhett Titus

They shake hands to start the match.

They go to the mat quickly as Latimer tries for a single leg takedown. Rhett is able to get control and covers for one. Each is able to pick the leg for a takedown, and Rhett is able to break free with a rope break. They get a greco roman knuckle lock, and Latimer forces Rhett down to the mat. Latimer goes for the leg and Rhett escapes.

Rhett takes Latimer over after picking the leg. Latimer reverses and they go back and forth with mat wrestling. Rhett gets a stretch with a chin lock and Latimer breaks it and goes for a backslide for two. Their arms stay hooked and Latimer holds in as a submission. Rhett gets to his feet and turns it into a submission of his own. Latimer works free, and hits a spear for two.

Latimer goes for a cross face, but Rhett blocks it, so Latimer slams Rhett’s injured leg on the mat before locking on an STF, and Rhett has to tap out.

Winner and still NWA TV Champion: Thom Latimer

Superb hold for hold match. 

May is with Thrillbilly Silas and Pollo Del Mar, and she says that they look sad. Silas says he doesn’t have control about if he goes for the title, so his next opponent is just someone in his way. Pollo says that there are political dealings behind the scenes and wants to jump ahead of them in the title picture. 

Mecha Wolf vs Kerry Morton (NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion) - Non title match

Wolf dodges the lock up twice and takes Morton down with an arm drag. They run the ropes and Wolf gets a shoulder tackle. They run the ropes again and Morton gets the arm drag. They go to the corner and Wolf lays in chops. He whips Morton across the ring, and Morton gets the foot up and goes to the top when Wolf tosses him to the mat. 

They struggle for control in the corner and Wolf starts working on Morton’s right arm. Morton is able to reverse and get a series of chops, and hits a flying cross body on Wolf. Wolf evens the odds with a clothesline. Wolf then hits a German suplex for two. Wolf locks on a rear chinlock and traps Morton’s arm, but Morton uses the free arm to hit a series of elbows to break the hold. 

They run the ropes and Morton gets a sloppy takedown for two. Wolf gets a series of blows and Morton is down on the mat again. Wolf gets a high slam for two. Wolf locks in the rear chinlock again and escapes with elbows again, but this time Wolf just slams him with a pull of the hair. Wolf keeps up the pressure and when they get to the middle of the ring, Wolf gets a flatliner and gets his “Lock up the Wolves” submission hold. Morton is able to roll over to pin Wolf for two. Wolf gets a scoop and a slam and goes to the top. 

Wolf gets a moonsault, but Morton moves out of the way. Morton dodges a splash in the corner and starts landing blows on Wolf. Morton gets a power slam but cannot capitalize. Morton sets up for a slam, but Wolf reverses it into an Exploder. Wolf gets a swinging DDT for two. Wolf goes for a power slam, but Morton blocks him. Morton reverses a power bomb and holds on for two.

Bestia 66 comes from back and the ref tells him he has to leave. As Morton is watching, Wolf attacks him from behind. Bestia gives Wolf a title belt, The ref tells Wolf to turn it over as Morton is struggling to his feet. Wolf and the ref struggle over the belt but the ref finally pulls it away and takes it to the side of the ring. Morton uses the distraction to hit a leaping knee, followed by his Elbow Straight To The Heart move and covers for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kerry Morton

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