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By Cory Strode on 2023-03-21 08:47:00

WOW Episode 27: Fans Want Answers

Our commentary team is David McLane, Steven Dickey and AJ Medndez

A new opening where they build up what the main event will be. 

Genesis w/Exodus and Ice Cold vs Tiki Chamorro

The announcers let us know that Malia Hosaka is no longer with the group Exile, but no word on if she is still with WOW. 

Genesis starts with a single leg takedown and stomps on Tiki’s hand. They trade waistlocks and Genesis switches to a side headlock. Tiki switches it up and is able to take down Genesis. Genesis rolls Tiki into a pin for two, but Tiki keeps the headlock on. Genesis picks Tiki up and Tiki is able to get to the rover. Tiki gets her feet up as Genesis charges into her. 

Tiki gets a flying head scissors the announcers call a Hurricanrana, and then follows up with a splash in the corner followed by a series of shoulder thrusts. Tiki follows with a snap mare and a two count. As Genesis distracts the ref, Exodus sneaks into the ring and rakes Tiki’s eyes. Genesis knocks Tiki down and hits a leg drop and locks on a triangle choke. Genesis covers for two. Tiki is driven into the corner and Genesis works her over. 

Genesis uses a leg to choke Tiki on the top rope. Genesis drives Tiki pack into the corner for more attacks, and Ice Cold attacks when the ref isn’t looking. Genesis tosses Tiki to the mat for two. Tiki gets an eye poke and when Genesis is hung up in the ropes, she hits a Tiger Fade kick. When Tiki goes to the ropes, Exodus grabs her leg and Tiki gets into it with her from the ring.

Genesis uses the distraction to hit Tiki with a full nelson slam. Genesis yells at the crowd and covers for two. Tiki is able to roll up Genesis for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tiki Chamorro

Exile, of course, attacks after the bell, and the Tonga Twins charge the ring. All six women face off and the ref is between them to keep them from fighting. After they leave, the Tonga Twins call out Miami Sweet Heat for a tag team title match.

We see Lana Starr’s team at her mansion and she asks them to give her their belts so she can place them on her fireplace mantle. She says that now she will make all of their dreams come true.

BK Rhythm vs Chantilly Chella

Still keeping up her streak for being on every episode, BK raps about Chella.

They lock up the collar and elbow and Chella takes down BK with a pair of arm drags. BK gets a bicycle kick and Chella gets two more take downs. Chella gets an arm rag and a drop kick, following up with a forearm in the corner. Chella takes BK down for a two count, but BK kicks out, sending Cehlla into the corner. 

BK works over Chella with a series of kicks and a gut buster. BK covers for two. BK gives another kick to the midsection. BK hits a snap mare and gets on a rear chinlock. BK covers, this time only for one. Chella fights up to her feet but BK stops her with an elbow to the back. They run the ropes and Cheella gets a backslide for two. BK reverses it and whips Chella to the corner. BK hits a hip toss into a neck breaker for two.

BK gets a chin lock again, Chella  is able to get to the second rope for an arm drag takedown. Chella gets a leg sweep and follows with a double knee into a pin for two. Chella gets a big knee in the corner and then a drop kick off the top for two. Chella tries for a cutter, but BK grabs her for a full nelson. Chella drops down and then rolls BK up for two. BJK gets a full nelson slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: BK Rhythm.

We get a recap of how Big Rig Betty and Holy Swag entered WOW.

GI Jane and the Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart vs Mother Truckers (Big Rig Betty and Holly Swag)

Just a reminder, I am not typing out Disciplinarian every time I need to name her, since it is one heck of a long name, so she’s just Dis.  

Betty and Dis start off by locking up collar and elbow and Dis turning it into a headlock. Betty shoots her off into the corner and Holly tags in and stomps a mud hole in Dis. Betty tags in and they ping pong Dis between them with blows. Betty gets a headlock and tags in Holly who hits a double ax handle from the top. Holly gets a headlock and Dis shoots her into her own corner where GI Jane holds her for Dis to attack.

Dis beats down Holly, working her over with kicks and back blows. Jane tags in and slams Holly. Jane grabs a rear chin lock and then slams her face into the mat. She works over Holly, slamming her to the mat again and hitting a leg drop. Dis tags in and rams Holly into the turnbuckle. She holds her down with her foot as Smart hits her with a ruler from outside the ring. 

Dis hits a lariat and covers Holly for two. Dis locks in a rear headlock. Holly fights her way free and gets a codebreaker. Holly gets a tag as does Jane and Betty cleans house. Betty gets a Russian leg sweep into a two count. As the ref is dealing with Dis, Smart breaks the ruler over Betty’s back.  Jane hits a slam for the pin and the win.

Winners: GI Jane the Disciplinarian. 

Samantha Smart grabs a mic and yells at the crowd to shut up so they can learn. She says they performed a custodial service that WOW needed. She tells the crowd You’re Welcome and they go to the back.

We get a recap of Coach Campanelli challenging Miami Sweet Heat for a rematch, and we will get that match next week. 

We then get a recap of the story around Kandi Krush’s boxing gloves and the feud with Siren, the Voodoo Dolls team.

Kandi Krush vs Siren the Voodoo Doll

Kandi attacks immediately and hits Siren with a pair of clotheslines as they ring the bell.  Kandi goes to the top and Siren is able to get there and pulls her down and beats her down. Siren takes her top a different turnbuckle and slams her head into the top and then hits a northern lights suplex for two. Kandi is able to get a forearm and misses an attack in the corner and Siren hits a snap suplex for two.

Siren locks in a camel clutch. She slams Kandi down on the mat twice. Kandi avoids a cannonball and goes to the second rope and hits a right hook off the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kandi Krush

Angelica Dante comes to ringside and says since Kandi beat Siren, she will tell Kandi where her Grandmother’s gloves are. Kandi says that since her team messed with her head, she fought with her heart and everything she needed to be great and her grandmother  lives within her. She beat the monsters and will keep conquering. 

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