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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-22 10:00:00

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I recently read the former WWE/WCW referee Nick Patrick seems to think Vince McMahon is secretly running AEW. Is this as crazy as it sounds?

If he really said that I hope he was just having fun.  There's no way that anyone sane believes that.

This is not an AEW bashing question per se, more an observation regarding but the upcoming "dream match" between Kenny Omega vs Vikingo on Dynamite. As someone who doesn't follow AAA or Lucha Libre in general, I am not familiar with Vikingo therefore have no investment as this being a dream match, although sites like yours have explained how this was a much delayed match over the past few years. I know Tony Khan wants to pop a rating but would you agree that with zero build up, this more a case of TK preaching to the choir and not the congregation, when a few weeks of Vikingo on AEW TV racking up wins and explaining the history in detail then hold it on a PPV would make the gravitas of this match more palatable for casual viewers?

I hear you, 100 percent.  To the fans that watch WWE but not AEW, it's not a "dream match".  It's a "WHO THE HELL IS THAT" match.  But to Tony and at least some AEW fans, it's a dream match.  Catering to that niche audience is the main reason that AEW isn't growing beyond what it currently is.  Mike Eps and I talked about the subject in-depth on last weekend’s FMB for those interested.

Speaking on Tony Khan not being a good booker, personally I wouldn’t say he’s good or bad but somewhere in the middle. I feel he is spread so thin with everything he’s involved with that he needs help and needs to realize that. I listen to Busted Open and think Bully Ray is great. What would you think of Bully being Khan’s right hand man and helping with booking? Do you think he would be good at it?

Would he be?  Sure, Bully knows the business very well and could be very helpful to Khan.  The problem is that Khan believes he is the best booker in wrestling so it doesn’t matter what we think.  He opened AEW so he could book it and that’s what he is going to do unless something drastic happens that forces him to make a change.

What do you think of this….Cody and Roman got all it in WM only to have The Bloodline come down and interfere.  Out come Sami with a chair to help Cody…only to hit Cody with it and Roman retains. They say that is was a ruse all along And Sami is a official Uso. Do you think they would do something like that and would it work?

I think it's God-awful, terrible booking.  It's Vince Russo bad.  I don’t see any world where HHH would do it and if he did, it would be fart in church bad.

My question - do you agree with people saying that Triple H does not know how to correctly book the women's division?

Now, I do not agree with that statement.  He knows exactly how to book women.  Look at how he got the Four Horsewomen over in NXT, then they came to the main roster and were stars.  I do agree that as great as his booking of the men has been, he has not done a similar job with the women thus far and it’s something that he needs to work on.  I also believe that if I know that, he does too.  Keep in mind, he had a lot to fix when he took over last July.

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