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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-21 10:00:00

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Is it true that Triple H personally disliked battle royals, lumberjack/lumberjill matches and multi-person tag team matches without any backstory whatsoever as he wants more long-term storylines in the WWE?

You would have to ask him but from what I have seen from his booking in both NXT and WWE it's pretty clear to me that he is a big fan of having things mean something and that he doesn't like to throw things out there all willy nilly.  I won't lie, I just wanted to say willy nilly.

There’s been lots of digital ink spilled over wrestling ratings, and the general trend is AEW is down slightly in total viewers but much lower in the key demo, while WWE is up slightly in both demo and total viewers. The question nobody seems to be asking is where did those AEW demo fans go? Were they just there to see Punk come back? Did they give up on AEW and go back to WWE? Are they just done with wrestling altogether?

They went on to other things, that simple.  Unless we can poll them and ask them why they stopped watching, it's all theoretical.  My theory is that the loss of Punk and Tony Khan choosing The Elite over him, combined with pedestrian booking, has made it easier for the fans that stopped watching to stop watching.  To me, all AEW really is most of the time is just matches.  That works for some people but they are the minority.  

Huge fan of the site since 2002. A question please, I know it doesn’t mean a lot to you but don’t you think it doesn’t make sense that WWE has been for 50 years+ and AEW 3 years and Dave Meltzer has more 5 star rating matches to AEW? Also, he doesn’t rate a Wrestlemania classic like taker/shawn a 5 star. Would like to have your opinion.

You really are a big fan, you were here two years before we debuted in 2004!  Seriously though, I have laughed at the star rating system for 30 years now.  Clearly, it’s very biased and that is fine if it’s just friends shooting the shizzle about wrestling.  When journalists do it and act like their ratings are factual? It makes me laugh, especially when they do things like change the scale and start rating matches higher than five stars because, well I have no idea why they do something so dopey.  It’s Goober Patrol stuff to me.  Clearly Dave Meltzer has a standard for what he thinks a five star match is and AEW gives him what he wants.  I also think it’s pretty clear that more than three years into the company’s run, AEW’s distant second place ranking shows that they don’t deliver what the majority of the fans want.  If they did, with all of their “five star matches”, they would would be number one, or at least giving WWE a run for their money.

Who runs the WWE Network?  Peacock or WWE employees?

It's run by the WWE.  They own it and lease the rights in the US to Peacock.  Obviously NBCU has a say in things if they want to, but WWE runs it.  Also remember that WWE sells the Network worldwide.  Peacock has nothing to do with least as long as WWE is owned by Vince McMahon or a new deal happens.

You recently reported Drew almost missed a Smackdown due to illness. You also mentioned how he has worked banged up, under the weather, etc over the past year.  I would add that going back to the "Thunderdome era", he was the star that carried the company. I've always felt like he didn't get his true WrestleMania Moment due to the pandemic (no fans).  It seems like he has been the unofficial flag bearer for WWE for the past several years but doesn't get the credit/respect for it. I would just like to get your thoughts on this. Also, I truly hope he goes over on Gunther for the title and is able to get his moment this year (in front of fans) at 'Mania!

I couldn’t agree with you more.  McIntyre is a stud and a pro’s pro.  He always goes above and beyond and you are right on the money, he carried WWE during the ThunderDome era.  He deserves another run at the top for sure, 100 percent.

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