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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-20 10:00:00

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In WWE, Vince made Moxley do silly stuff, but it looks like he also protected him from his worst instincts.  If you’re Paul Levesque, would you wanna make a play to bring Moxley back in WWE?  There would be ready made top programs for Mox with guys like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, even Gunther.  And under Paul, Mox could be more serious than his time as Dean Ambrose, without risking a hepatitis C infection.

I don’t remember Vince ever doing anything any more “silly” with Mox than he did with most other talents.  It was just the way that he booked.  First off, Mox is happy in AEW.  He was miserable in WWE.  He likes doing the style that he does now so the only way I ever see him going back to WWE is if AEW went under.  At that point?  I could see HHH bringing him back but they would have to have a long talk about what is acceptable and what isn’t before that happened.

What do you think of Hogan's idea of The Fabulous Rougeaus going into the WWE HOF? I loved their matches and loved the Mountie even more. Alongside amazing talent like Rick Martel (who is arguably as or even more deserving), the impact of Les Québécois is very understated in the history of pro wrestling in my opinion.

I would have no issue with them being in The WWE Hall Of Fame.  There are people in it already that you could argue are less deserving.

Tony Khan is back to claiming fantasy bots are attacking AEW on Twitter.  Doesn’t he have more important ways to use his time than mining false Twitter data?

One would think so, for sure.  He’s already shown, with his attack on Ariel Helwani, that he watches Smackdown on Friday nights.  He has also said that Friday night is when he goes to Twitter to correct the wrongs he sees posted throughout the week.  That sounds like a serious time drain for someone with so much on his plate.  I would definitely think that there is a better way for him to put his time to use but he’s the billionaire, he can do whatever he wants.  And….he does.

Also, I see Tony is now fighting on Twitter with Dave Meltzer.  My question is simple, who will get custody of The Elite in their divorce?

I laughed harder at that than I should have.  I brought this up on The FMB and Eps said Tony pays them, so he gets custody.

Do you think part of the reason that Tony Khan has been acting out is that the WWE product has gotten so much better and the build to WrestleMania is great while his company has been barely staying above water?

He has always said he is a wrestling fan and we know he at least watches Smackdown so we also know that he is aware how good that product is.  I don’t know the guy so I can’t say what he thinks but if he is a fan, he knows that at least Smackdown is really good and that The Bloodline story is awesome.  He also hears what people are saying about WWE right now and the build to WrestleMania, and they are saying that very thing.  I don’t think he will ever admit that his booking is pedestrian, but I am sure he hears people saying great things about WWE and that’s why he has to go back to his AEW hater Twitter bot theory.  It’s embarrassing.

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