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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-17 19:55:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing Friday Night Smackdown coverage.

I am filling in tonight for Richard Trionfo.  He will return next week!

We are in Kansas City at the T-Mobile Center with Michael Cole and Wade Barrett on the call.

Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring.    Big ovation for him and the crowd chanted his name.  He asked Kansas what they wanted to talk about as they were on the last few weeks to Wrestlemania.  He said tempers have flared but he has the utmost respect for Roman Reigns.  He's the greatest champion in sports and sports-entertainment alike.  He looks forward to seeing him at Raw and to beating Roman at Wrestlemania.

Cody said he wants to talk to someone tonight and called out Kevin Owens to come to the ring.  Owens came to the ring but Cody said the conversation also involves another party.  He called out Sami Zayn to join him.  Cody said he was going to peel the curtain back.  He has a deep level of love and respect for Owens.  When Cody exited WWE, he left with a confidence that didn't really exist and needed someone to help, had his back and helped him to learn and network.  He said Owens introduced him to some friends and it changed and bettered his life and he can't repay that.

But, he said that he wants to have THAT conversation between them now.  Owens said he's heard everything Sami has to say.  Sami said he hasn't heard everything Owens had to say.  He said over the years, they've turned on each other and done unthinkable things to each other but always found a way back together but this time it's different and they haven't done it.  Zayn said that if Owens has something to get off his chest to say or wants to punch him in the face, do it so they can get back together and work together.  Owens said he heard Sami and asked Cody if he got what he wanted.

Cody mocked that and said they both know they are in the service industry.  It's about what the fans want.  Every single fan wants to see them back on the same page.  Kevin asked why would he fight for someone who doesn't want to be his friend.  He thanked Cody for trying to do this but said he was all set and walked to the back.

After a commercial break, Sami Zayn stopped Owens from getting into a car.  He said Owens was wrong, they are friends and brothers.  If he doesn't walk to speak to him ever again, fine, but he loves Owens.  That's it.  Owens took a beat but still got in the car and left.

Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio vs. Zelina Vega & Santos Escobar

Dominik attacked Escobar at the bell after Rhea distracted him.  Escobar gained control so Dom retreated and Rhea hit the ring.  Zelina entered the ring and gained control with a head scissors that sent Rhea to the outside.  Zelina nailed a moonsault off the ropes to the floor.  After a commercial break, Dominik gained control and beat down Escobar with a series of rights.  Escobar came back with a dropkick and nailed a backbreaker into a legdrop for a two count after Rhea broke it up.  They worked over Escobar but Vega broke up the pinfall.

All four battled.  Vega was tossed to the floor,  Rhea and Dominik battled.  Vega nailed a kneestrike on Rhea and hit Dominik with a rana off the ropes.  Rhea caught her with Riptide and pinned her.

Your winners, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio! 

Dom took the mic and said Rey is nothing but a deadbeat of a father.  Rey was never there for him all those sleepless nights.  Cameras showed Rey Mysterio walking in the back as they went to the commercial break.

Rey came out and asked Rhea to give them a minute alone.  Dominik said that now that they are in the ring, he wants to talk.  Rey was never there for him and now he wants to take Dominik's Wrestlemania moment from him.  He said Rey was a coward.  He told him he was a piece of sh...but Rey stopped him and admitted he wasn't the best father and missed birthdays and Christmases but that doesn't mean he doesn't have all the love in the world for him.  He said that he made sacrifices so that his mom, his sister and Dom could have the life that he could only dream of.  Everything that he owns.  Everytime the Mysterio name bailed him out of trouble.  He asked Dom to hear him out because he's having a hard time dealing with all of this.  He's being inducted into the Hall of Fame and would love nothing more than to have Dom standing with him on stage.  Rey said that maybe it's too late for that but his biggest regret is who Dom has become.  He said he's an ungrateful, pathetic punk-ass kid and if someone like that called him out for Wrestlemania, he would gladly beat their ass.  The crowd chanted, "Beat his ass."  Unfortunately, Dom is his son and fighting him would be the biggest disgrace as a father.    He said he won't fight Dom now or at Wrestlemania.  Rey went to walk out and Dom mocked him as a future Hall of Famer walking out.  He's doing all he taught Dominik how to be, a scared little man.  Rey stopped in the middle of the aisle, thinking.

They showed Sheamus and Drew McIntyre preparing for tonight.

They announced women's and men's Fatal Four Way Tag Team matches for Wrestlemania with qualifying matches starting tonight.

They aired a video piece on Women's History Month.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriquez vs. Tegan Nox & Emma - Wrestlemania Qualifying Match.

Tegan started and was tossed around by Raquel.  Liv tagged in but was nailed with several uppercuts and knees.  Emma tagged in and nailed a splash in the buckles.  She nailed a double underhook suplex for a two count.    Liv came back with a backstabber and tagged in Raquel.  She cleaned house with clotheslines and nailed a Fall Away Slam on Evva.  She nailed a spinning elbow off the ropes but Tegan broke it up.  Liv nailed Code Red on her.  Emma dumped her but Raquel stopped her with a chokeslam.  Liv nailed Oblivion and scored the pin.

Your winners, heading to Wrestlemania, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez.They aired a video feature on Charlotte Flair vs. Liv  Morgan.

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