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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-19 10:00:00

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Regarding Dynamite from Wednesday night, I've got two questions. First of all, what is the purpose of Don Callis? If he's a commentator, that leaves four people at the commentary table. If he's a manager, why is he at the commentary table?

He's a manager, well more like a second who is part of the entourage, that Tony Khan likes to have join the commentators.  AEW is not the only company that does it.

Why were they treating Sammy Guevara as a baby face during that confrontation with MJF,  Darby and Jungle Boy? It seems as if everything he said was geared to get a positive reaction from the crowd when the truth is most of the crowd seems to genuinely want to hate him.

Well, that's because Tony Khan booked it that way.  He flip flops people often and many times with no explantation as to why.  It's just what he does and it's part of the reason I don't think he's a good booker.

To the best of my knowledge, we still don't know the manner in which the EVPs and their lawyer entered Punk's locker room. Is this still unknown? That would be the smoking gun in all of this. It seems ludicrous that every violent event that happened was reported with no context ever reported.

It wasn’t their lawyer, it was Meghan Parekh. She is a lawyer with AEW and The Jacksonville Jaguars and a top Tony Khan confidante.  We don’t know for sure because while Tony Khan had an investigation, he never released the results.  Unless one of the parties files a lawsuit, I doubt we will ever get a real explanation as to what happened.

A journalist has said repeatedly the brawl info was reported from "Punk's side". Whatever that means. It's rather odd that anyone close to Punk would provide info knowing he just buried the dirt sheets for 15 minutes. If Punk was my friend, there's no way in hell I'd say his trainer threw a chair at a person, bit someone while my good buddy knocked the hell out of some guy without providing ANY context. With allegedly so many verified statements being provided right down to the AEW lawyer being there implies to me information is being purposefully absconded for reasons other than legal. If Punk was the aggressor and it was all cut and dry, couldn't he have been terminated without much hassle? Or at the very least, wouldn't he have been terminated when the EVPs returned in October working backstage? I saw the same prominent journalist pompously say the EVPs were reinstated with victory with evidence that would hold up in a schoolyard tussle in grade 3.

The irony of the statement is that at least one journalist who I have seen say that has, in my opinion, done just the opposite and vilified Punk while portraying The Elite as being innocent.  Here’s the deal, I don’t worry what other sites report, I worry about what we report.  We do everything we can to report the facts that we can uncover.  We don’t take sides.

Whatever became of the bots that WWE sent out against AEW? I figured we would have heard a lot by now given the leader in wrasslin' journalism's sidekick said on his Twitch he expected Tony Khan to be transparent with his results in this...  

Ah yes, Tony’s claim that about the bots.  He never provided any data to back up the statement that I ever saw.  Mike Epsenhart and I talked about that very subject on last week’s FMB.  I guess friendly outlets will just forget Khan every said it in the first place.

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