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By Paul Jordan on 2023-03-17 08:02:00

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced the following:

As revealed during March 17’s New Japan Cup event, Best of the Super Jr. returns to the calendar running from May 12 to May 28 this year.

An intense schedule will see 12 events over 16 days, with the tour starting in Korakuen Hall and running to Ota-ku, which will see its first BOSJ final in tournament history. The 30th running of this iconic tournament is sure to see incredible competition over a spectacular fortnight- don’t miss a moment!

Best of the Super Jr. 30

Friday May 12 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall

Saturday May 13 Nagano, Nagano Prefectural Budokan

Sunday May 14 Nagoya, Nagoya International Convention Center Event Hall

Tuesday May 16 Akita, Akita Prefectural Budokan

Wednesday May 17 Miyagi, Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

Thursday May 18 Iwate, Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium

Friday May 19 Aomori, Maeda Sub Arena

Sunday May 21 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall

Tuesday May 23 Osaka, EDION Sub Arena

Wednesday May 24 Osaka, EDION Sub Arena

Friday May 26 Tokyo, Yoyogi 2nd National Gymnasium

Sunday May 28 Tokyo, Ota-Ku Gymnasium


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