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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-16 10:00:00


So Taya Valkyrie said she was going to be home in Los Angeles after you reported she would be starting for AEW and then she starts in AEW.  Why do talents do that?

I don't blame her or anyone else who tries to keep a storyline work going in the face of someone's hard reporting.  They are magicians and don't want the magic act secrets revealed.  Personally, I don't think it helps when you say something that turns out to be untrue, but it also could have been she was just doing what was asked of her.  I hope she has a great run in AEW.

With the worrying increase of anti-LGBTQ laws popping up in the country, how do you think this will affect wrestling companies with openly queer and trans performers? For example, Nyla Rose is transgender and Sonny Kiss is genderfluid, and they dress based on their gender identity. Based on the insanely vague language of these laws, wouldn’t it be possible that they could be affected if AEW travels to these states?

Unfortunately, it's all uncharted waters.  I don't know and I can't say whether one of these asinine laws could end up with a professional wrestler performer persecuted for being their true selves or even performing their chosen character in specific costuming.  I'd advise every single one of those performers to check with their company's legal team if and when they tour in those areas.  Anything that is written to try and hold someone's freedom to show the world who they are or criminalize their chosen art-form is absolute garbage to me, so I hope we never get to the point where a pro wrestler is demonized for these reasons.    All of this is as arcane and stupid as laws criminalizing rock and roll music decades ago, only worse.

Has there ever been an official office where everyone works?

Yes, it's called the Internet.  None of us even live in the same State, much less work in the same building!  Never happened, never would.

Any word on live musical performers at Wrestlemania?

Nothing yet.

Is CM Punk returning or not?

He is.   Or he isn't.

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