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By Cory Strode on 2023-03-15 20:21:00

It is Wednesday and AEW Dynamite is at the Canada Life Center in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Our commentary team is Excalbur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone.

The ring is set up for a Bat-Mitzvah, so MJF is out in a new outfit and four women to walk him to the ring.  The ring is filled with streamers and balloons are set up. He slams Bret Hart and puts over Shawn Michaels. MJF says it is his birthday and now that he tapped out Bryan Danielson he is no longer merely a man, now he is Iron Man. 

MJF is then carried around the ring in a chair, but Jungle Boy’s music starts. Oh, he walks by a cake, and all cakes in Pro Wrestling MUST have someone tossed into them. 

Before JB can talk, Sammy Guevara is on his way to the ring. Sammy is then cut off my Darby Allin. Looks like it’s an all pillar segment. 

MJF asks for the music to be cut. He says they are ruining his party and all three say at the same time that they want a title match. JB reminds MJF cheated to win against him. JB says the MJF was handed every opportunity, but he wrestled on dark. JB says there is a locker room of people who maybe get 60 seconds on Dynamite, but they have to watch MJF do the same bullshit for 20  minutes.  And the first chance to stop that will be to take his title. 

MJF says it’s because it’s true.  Sammy tells him to shut up before he turns it into a re-circumcision. He talks about how he had to grind on the indies to get a job. He said he was told he was to be the bump guy for Jericho, and he overcame and became champion 3 times over. He got him here, and he’ll get himself there, and points at MJF’s title. 

Then Darby shuts up MJF. He talks about how he dropped out of film school to become a pro wrestler. He said he will make it or feel by being himself. He says AEW lets him be himself. He says that it makes him upset that people are whining on Twitter. AEW means more to him than it does to MJF, so he should be that champion. And if he doesn’t get a title shot, he will beat MJF down. 

MJF starts insulting all of them. He puts himself over and reminds them he has beaten all of them in the past. He tells them to leave and then he will eat his cake. 

He piefaces JB, and the fight starts, and as Sammy and Darby fight, MJF is knocked off the apron into the cake.


We then see how Jericho was honored earlier today with Chris Jericho Way.

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Cluadio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta) and Acdam Page and the Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson)

BCC comes to the ring before the commercial, while AdamPage and dark Oerder come down after.

Uno nails Yuta with a boot and they move to brawl in the corner. Uno gets a suplex on Yuta and then Yuta shoves Uno into his corner and Mox tags in and starts beating down Uno. After a snap mare, Claudio tags in for a two count. Uno is then pulled off the top for another two count. YUuta tags in and works over Uno is a neutral corner, and leaps onto Uno for a two count.

Mox tags in and attacks Uno in the corner, working on the leg. Yuta tags in and works over Uno with chops and strikes. Yuta takes a cheap shot at Page, and Uno tags in Stu, who is able to take down each member on BCC.  Stu ends the sequence with a missile moonsault off the second rope for a two count. Stug gets Claudio with a fireman’s carry, but Clauudio escapes and Stu is driven to the outside where all three members of the BCC give him a spike piledriver as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Stu has been in the ring the whole time being taken apart. Stu gets a jawbreaker on Claudio, but Claudio hits an uppercut and covers for two. Mox tags in and hits a spike piledriver for two. Mox lays in chops in the corner. Mox is able to get a running knee strike when Mox goes to go for a charge into Stu.  Stu makes it for the hot tag to Page who cleans house. Yuta escapes a power bomb and lays into Page. Uno gets a tag and he and Claudio take themselves out of the ring.

Mox tags in and then it’s Page and Mox throwing hands. Page sets up for the buckshot, and Yuta nails Page with the ring bell on the apron. The Dark Order charges the ring to attack Page and Claudio. Yuta gets a chop block on Uno and Stu is whipped into the corner. Stu leaps up and over the turnbuckles to hit Claudio on the outside. Uno hits a Death Rider on Mox. Uno and Stu his Air Canada for a two count on Mox.

Stu and Mox hit a Fatality on Mox for two as Yuta breaks it up. Stu gets a Hurricanaran on Claudio for two. Mox tags in and gets a rear naked choke on Stu until he passes out.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Afterward, the BCC beats down the Dark Order and Page is knocked out. Silver and Reynolds run to the ring to make the save. 

We get a video from Juice Robinson about why he attacked Ricky Starks, and instead it should be what is Ricky going to do about Juice Robinson beating him down.

Jade Cargill (TBS Champion) vs The Already In The Ring Nicole Matthews

Nicole gets a few forearms in before Jade’s pump kick and the Jaded.

Winner and still TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Renee tries to get a word with Jade and asks what kind of competition she is looking for.  She threatens Renee and then asks if that was all Canada has to offer.

Taya Valkyrie comes out with a Big Screen intro and entrance music. 

Taya gets into the ring and struts up to Jade. They jack jaws and Leila Grey tries to get between them and Jade pulls her away. Jade walks away, but Taya grabs Leila and hits her with Jaded as the refs hold Jade Cargill back.

Ricky Starks is with Tony Schiavone and he says that Juice should bring it. And if Bullet Club has an issue with him, they should bring it. 

We then get an episode of QTV, QTV Marshall doing a version of TMZ showing video from the person who stole Wardlow’s bag, and we see QT still has Wardlow’s passport.

Orange Cassidy (AEW International Champion) vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett has Sonjay and Satnam Singh with him. Cassidy is alone. 

Jarrett starts with a hip toss and a strut. Jarrett then hits an arm drag and struts again. Jarrett then lays across the top turnbuckle. Cassidy is knocked down by Jarrett, and Jarrett tries for a figure four. Cassidy shoves him off and  Jarrett comes back for a scoop and a slam. Jarrett mocks Cassidy with soft kicks.

They run corner to corner, and Cassidy is able to slam Jarrett into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Jarrett knocks Cassidy off the apron as we go picture in picture. 

When they return to full picture, Cassidy’s knee is causing him a lot of pain and Jarrett is calling for the ref to start counting. Stanam tosses Cassidy into the ring and Jarrett keeps working on the injured knee. Jarrett puts on a sharp shooter and Cassidy is able to power out of it and put his own sharpshooter on.  Dutt shoves the rope into Jarrett’s hand for the break.

Jarrett locks on a sleeper and Cassidy is in the middle of the ring. Cassidyy’s hand refuses to drop on number three. Cassidy hits a jawbreaker to escape and he locks in his own sleeper. They go into the ropes and Satnam is able to get a guillotine.  Jarrett then locks on a figure four. Cassidy’s exhausted and keeps laying down for a two count. Cassidy starts punching Jarrett to get free.  They trade blows in the middle of the ring.

Cassidy accidentally head butts the ref, and Dutt slides the guitar in the ring. Another ref comes from the back and takes the guitar for Jarrett, allowing Cassidy to get a quick rollup for two. As Jarrett yells at the ref, Cassidy picks up the guitar, but Satnam gets on the apron and grabs it from him. Cassidy drops holding his knee and Satnam drops the guitar as the ref turns around.

The ref tosses Dutt and Sanam. As Jarrett watches, Cassidy gets the spinning DDt and tries to set up for the Orange Punch. Jarrett is talking to the recovering ref and Jay Lethal comes in and nails Casssidy with the Golden Globe. Jarrett covers for two only. Trent Barretta takes out Lethal. Jarrett tries for The Stroke, but Cassidy escapes, hits the Orange Punch for the pin and the win.

Winner and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

We get a video to hype the main event. 

The Outcasts, Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho take the ring and Ruby tells a story. She says the grass used to be greener here until a couple of dogs pissed all of the grass. Saraya says that AEW their house. She declares she is a miracle and she calls the audience a bunch of t***s, which is not a word I thought could be used on TV. 

Toni says that the fans didn’t appreciate her, and the current champion cheated to win and they cheered her. So she says they are here to give fans what they need and they aren't going anywhere. Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker charge the ring in Canadian Tuxedos, and they don’t do well against the three in the ring. Riho, Willow Nightingale, and Skye Blue charge the ring to drive them off.

Matt Menard and Angelo Parker tell the Acclaimed to tune in to Rampage to see why they are the epitome of Sports Entertainers. We then get Rey Fenix challenging for the TNT Championship.

The Acclaimed have a new music video. 

The House of Black (AEW Trios Champions) (Malakai Black, Buddy Murphy, and Brody King)  vs The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Geuvara, and Daniel Garcia)  vs The Elite (Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega)

They are giving this match a LONG time, so settle in for bullet points. Don Callis joins commentary. 

Brody starts with Sammy

Sammy gets a drop kick that Brody ignores, and Brody chops him back to his corner. 

Garcia tags in and Brody chops him down as well. 

Garcia tries to tag in one of the Elite and they avoid the tag. 

Brody chops Garcia to his corner and Jericho tags in

Black tags in as well. When he gets too close to the Elite corner, Omega tags in

The tag team alarm goes off and all 9 men get into the ring and we go to commercial.

Black tags in and gets an arm bar on Jericho, who tries to fight his way free

Jericho misses a Judas Effect and Black misses the spin kick. Jericho hits a back breaker for two

Sammy is tagged in, and they drop Black and make a pose.

The JAS keeps Black in their corner for quick tags as they work him over

Black stumbles to the Elite corner and Nick tags in and takes down Garcia and Geuvara. 

Nick hits a face buster on Black, but he did it in the House of Black corner, so they stop him and Buddy tags in to beat down Nick.

Nick gets an insigiri to free himself and tag in Omega who cleans house

Omega gets You Cannot Escape for two.

Buddy blocks a full nelson, b ut Omega gets a hurricanrara

Jericho tags in and Housse of Black tries to interfere, but Omega and Jericho take them out

They throw hands, and it becomes each person gets their finisher on the last person.

Jericho locks the Walls on Omega

The Bucks break it up with a Superkick party

Everyone takes super kicks

Brody finishes them with a double clothesline and we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Jericho and Omega are throwing hands.

Jericho misses a leaping attack and goes to the floor. 

Omega hits the terminator dive

House of Black attacks Omega on the outside and Nick and Matt try to attack, but Garcia and Guevara stop them with suplexes from the top

Brody goes to the top and Omega stops him and tries for a super plex. Brody knocks Omega off, and Jericho then tries, and Omega leaps into the both of them

Jericho and Omega pair to hit the super plex on Brody

Jericho gets a codebreaker on Omega for two

In the back, the Blackpool Combat Club and the Dark Order are still fighting Evil Uno has been taken to the hospital

Omega and Jericho keep fighting. Jericho goes for a Lion Sault and Omega gets the knees up.

Matt and Garcia are tagged in and Matt gets a series of Northern Lights USuplex. Matt gets double Northern Lights on Garcia and Guevara

Guevara hits a shooting star press and Brody breaks up the pin

Brody takes out Garcia and Guevara with cannonballs

The House of Black toss Geuvara into the corner and call out Jericho

Jericho takes a Dante’s Inferno and Omega breaks up the pin

Jericho covers Brody for two as Guevara takes out The Elite. 

Matthews is tagged in and Dante’s Inferno is hit on him for the pin and the win

Winners and still AEW Trio Champions: House of Black

As the right continues in the ring, the fight between BCC and Dark Order spills into the ring. As Adam Page is confronted by the BCC, The Elite come into the ring to have his back. 

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