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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-15 10:00:00

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Does Jon Moxley realize how ridiculous he looks every time he cuts him open to bleed for every match?  It’s like Batman getting meme’d now for “crying about his dead parents all the time” or “adopting new Robins,” funny in spite of going for edgy.  Why doesn’t Renee talk some sense into him?  Have the lowest common denominator of “vampire” wrestling fans really deluded Mox into thinking all blood all the time is a good thing?

First I agree that him blading has become a punchline and that’s something that practice should NEVER be.  I don’t know what his fascination with the blade is and I don’t know if his wife has talked to him about it.  I just wish he would stop doing it.

If pro wrestling was actually real, somebody who bleeds profusely wouldn’t be considered a tough guy, right?  I remember in TNA, Kurt Angle cut a promo on Samoa Joe and called him a bleeder and condescendingly said he loved bleeders.

I guess it depends on the situation.  If the guy was like Rocky and took a beating but came back and won, he would be a tough guy.  

So, at Revolution the JAS were barred from ringside but Sammy Guevara came out anyway. His punishment for breaking the stipulation is... a trios match on Dynamite then a title shot next week? Please make this make sense. How are we supposed to take any of this seriously if there are no repercussions or consequences?

I am not the person to come to if you want an explanation of Tony Khan's booking.  In fact, I am the last person you should come to.

I just saw Dave's reporting on CNBC's article, which also popped up on my Google timeline, about WWE trying to get into gambling and one thought (well a few actually, besides how dumb it would be to bet on predetermined outcomes) to mind...

How does WWE, which actively claims that their target audience is young people, square gambling on predetermined outcomes with their family friendly (basically kid-friendly) claims?

Second, in an environment where betting lines are established prior to an event beginning: 

(1) What's to stop whoever is booking from looking at the line and changing the outcome intentionally, thus ensuring (further) that the house wins? 


(2) In the age of insider info, no pun intended, how could WWE ensure that the wrestlers, or anyone else knowing the plans, don't give betting tips to family, friends, people betting on their behalf, etc.?

Gambling has become accepted in the American fabric.  Sports leagues embrace it now.  So WWE is no different.  To me, the bigger question is the concept of betting on said matches.  I would be consider with people with first hand knowledge better.  Also, what if there is a really bizarre booking decision?  People will be saying it was done because someone in power laid money on it.  It's something I wouldn't pursue if I were WWE, for the reasons that you stated.

Could you start saying in your Q and A whether your answers are fact based or your own personal  opinion. I only ask because some news outlets don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the 2. In the past couple of weeks I've read your columns, you’ve given an opinion on something only to see it reposted as a “fact” on other sites. I find this very frustrating.  sarcasm by the way :) 

It’s sad how many dim bulbs there are out there, it really is.  A sucker is born every minute, for sure.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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