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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-14 09:59:00

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Did the outlets that falsely reported CM Punk was keeping Colt Cabana off of TV ever run a retraction?

I think in most cases the answer is no.  In fact, one “prominent” outlet even doubled down on the “story” being true, even after every credible outlet and Tony Khan himself said it wasn’t!  Sadly, that’s just “reporting” from many in the year 2023.  

Barring them being the ones who end up buying it, the Saudis current deal with WWE is currently set to end in 2027.  If the WWE ends up selling to someone like NBCU/Comcast, do you see them honoring that deal to the end, or do you think they might try to find some way to get out of it early?

Obviously it would depend on who bought it.  Comcast would probably not be ecstatic about the deal but I guess it would depend on the wording in the contract that they have with the Saudis.  My hunch is that if they do buy WWE, they probably won’t renew the deal when it expires.

Have you heard any news on the sale of WWE?

Other than Nick Khan saying he expected it would happen quickly if it were to occur and Endeavor basically saying they won’t make a bid, I have not. The people who would have inside information are a small circle.  If it will sell and it will be done quickly, I can’t think of a better time to announce it than WrestleMania weekend.

How can anyone honestly name Tony Khan Booker Of The Year?  Even if you like his show, his business is dwarfed by what WWE does.  

I agree with you.  When AEW generates maybe 20 percent of the revenue that WWE does, and their TV delivers less than half of the viewers that WWE does, it’s a hard sell to call Khan that.  If it were year one and he was on the upswing?  I could understand it.  But it’s actually the opposite.  AEW is what it is, and what it is right now is a distant second to WWE.

Why did Wardlow win the title to just lose it to Hobbs? 

Tony Khan wanted it that way, it’s that simple.  He has turned the TNT Title into a hot potato.  Personally, I think he is a really bad booker but some people think he’s the best there is, as mentioned above.

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