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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-12 10:00:00

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WWE Hall Of Fame seems to be running low on headliners. Are they even doing one this year? 

The word we have heard is yes, they are.  Since it will just be part of the Smackdown taping instead of a standalone event, I guess they don’t feel the need to push it too hard and if they aren’t trying to sell tickets to an event, they don’t have to be too concerned with having headliners.

I have seen people say that MJF throwing liquid on the kid at the PPV was a “good heel move”.  I think they are morons for saying that.  Do you agree?

Yes, I do. They are morons and so is MJF.  The fact that as he was walking up to that kid his mind processed, “Grab that cup with God knows what is in it and throw it on a kid” tells me the guy is not as smart as I thought he was.  He didn’t make a heel move, he made a dick move.  It tells me what kind of person he is.  If I were his promoter/booker, he would have to work hard to regain my trust.  Here’s the thing, it was a KID.  He wasn’t part of the show.  It wasn’t an adult jawing at MJF.  It was a kid at a match.  There are reports that the drink that was thrown on him was alcoholic.  In no world should a wrestler throw anything at a fan who has done nothing to provoke it, and if it were alcohol, it’s even worse.  If that is what MJF needs to get heel heat, he sucks at his job.  That simple.  And not for nothing, if it were me and he did it to my kid?  He would have either gotten punched in the face or sued, depending on whether I could control my temper.  I sincerely hope that the fan sues him and AEW.

Who is writing The Bloodline storyline? It crosses the time when Vince McMahon was running the show, and now HHH. But I also remember hearing Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman having a lot of say (maybe all?) in their characters. Maybe it's a combination of all of them? Are there others involved? And finally who came up with The Bloodline idea? Roman Reigns, The Usos, Vince...?

Creative is ultimately responsible but Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman have had influence in it going back to when Vince was in charge.  It was good then.  It is great now that HHH is in charge.

I have read your answer about WWE's TV rights stuff in the past, but I don't believe anyone has asked if NBC/Universal or FOX's offers came in and they are only offering like say 75% of what they paid for it last time, is WWE in a spot where they have to take it?  I mean it would suck but where else do they have to go?  I don't think anyone (maybe ESPN) would go over that if that is what their current partners were asking, or is there someone else?  I mean ask Lamar Jackson you can't have a bidding war if nobody is bidding.

I have not heard that any negotiations on a new deal have commenced yet.  In fact, WWE has said that they are pursuing the sale now because they would want the potential new owner to be in place to negotiate the new deals.  With that said, how much they get on those next deals is absolutely something to wonder about, for the very reason you mentioned.

Did you hear the crowd when FTR came out?  Should Tony Khan throw a boatload of money at them to try to keep them?  

He may have already done that.  Rumors are that they in the fold.  If not, yes he should pay them but more importantly actually use them well.  If they got half the push that The Young Bucks got, they would be drawing Tony money.

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