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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-10 10:46:00

As reported on 3/2 in the Elite section, Taya Valkyrie has finished up with Impact Wrestling as of their TV tapings in Las Vegas.   

As we noted at the time, Taya was not signed to Impact and the word is that she is believed to be signing elsewhere.  

Interesting to note that AEW TNT Champion Jade Cargill challenged a Canadian star to face her on Impact next week.  Valkyrie is Canadian, so she could fit that challenge.  So, based on how bad WWE dropped the ball on her when she was in NXT, AEW is her likeliest destination.

Taya also holds the MLW Featherweight Championship currently, so if she is signing, she'd have to drop that title shortly.

Impact has already filmed material that will be her exit from the company, is told.

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