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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-09 16:14:00

A jury trial took place earlier this week before Florida Middle District Court regarding the lawsuit brought against World Wrestling Entertainment in regard to a 2019 traffic accident in Tampa with a jury siding with Jackson Parsons, the man injured in that accident. 

Parsons filed a lawsuit in June 2021, alleging that on 7/22/19 in Tampa, a van rented by WWE was being driven by a WWE employee, Gaitan Thomas, "who was on the job at the time,"   The van was involved in a motor vehicle accident with Parsons, who was riding a bicycle at the time.    Thomas works as a props expert for WWE.   WWE legal filings in the case have described Thomas as "an independent contractor engaged" by the company.    Court records indicated Jackson underwent surgery for an injury to his ankle after the traffic incident.

As a result of the incident, Parson claimed he has "suffered physical injuries, pain-and-suffering, disability and the inability and loss of the capacity to lead and enjoy normal life, inconvenience, disfigurement, scarring and mental anguish.” In his filing, he claimed he will be dealing with permanent issues due to the accident, citing he “suffered physical injuries, pain-and-suffering, disability and the inability and loss of the capacity to lead and enjoy a normal life, inconvenience, disfigurement, scarring and mental anguish,” and further asserts that his injuries and suffering are permanent, that he has incurred past medical expenses and will incur future medical expenses on account of the motor vehicle accident, and that he has also suffered “a loss of earnings and earning capacity, both in the past and in the future."

In his lawsuit, Parsons stated that he had lost the quality of life that he moved to Florida in order to seek and noted past medical expenses stemming from the accident are already in the amount of $171,430.38.  He cited a loss of earnings, past and future, estimated at $75,036.00–$100,048.00 and projected his future medical expenses in the amount of $314,850.00.  The lawsuit also sought $76,500.00 for Parsons' Pain and suffering, mental anguish and inconvenience as well as $401,500 for future pain and suffering.   Court filings stated that back December 2020, Parsons demanded a settlement demand, in writing, in the amount of $1,064,328.38., but that obviously did not happen.

The matter went before the jury at the end of February.  On 3/3, they ruled that WWE's negligence led to Jackson's injuries, but that Jackson's own negligence was a factor in the incident taking place.  The jury decided that Jackson held 65% of the negligence, but WWE was responsible for 35%.

The jury totaled Parson's damages at $948,000.  However, the court, ordered WWE to pay Jackson $331,800, a percentage based on their own level of negligence in the incident.

The case was officially closed by the court on 3/7.

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