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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-11 10:01:00


Why do you think WWE never had a tribute to Lanny Poffo on their programming?

I've never heard of a reason.

What are your thoughts on MJF tossing that water on the child at AEW Revolution?  Do you think the kid can be the new Miz Girl?  Was there any fallout backstage?  Could MJF be suspended?

It was tasteless, tacky and never, EVER should have happened.  Everyone in the company should be relieved that those who worked for AEW immediately swooped in to take care of the family and do what they could to make it right.  I am sure MJF will say he was doing it to get heel heat but all it did was take fans (unless they were complete a-holes) out of a really good match for a completely asinine reason.

MJF is really lucky it didn't spark a series of events that completely ruined the main event for everyone.  I sincerely believe it was an awful, kneejerk decision that should never, ever, ever come even close to being repeated because that moment easily could have sparked a legal issue or even an arrest.  I don't care how much you are trying to make someone hate you, there's no reason to purposely screw with a child at a show in a physical sense unless it's a planted kid.  MJF should remember he's way too good to for the cheapest and sh**tiest of heel heat.

Anything can happen but Miz Girl was caught reacting to a heel winning.  This child was literally sitting there watching and had water tossed at him. Purposely.  I hated that and don't think there's any comparison.

AEW officials were not happy and immediately set out to make it right with the family.  Lots of AEW stars from all levels of the roster lined up to meet him and spend him with him for photos and autographs, which is great, but it never should have been needed to begin with.  MJF was 100% in the wrong and that shoudn't be forgotten.

I don't believe MJF will be suspended, but Tony Khan did say they had a serious conversation about the situation and I believe that to be the case.  If MJF pulls something like that again, there will need to be consequences.

Do you think Jerry Lawler will be at Wrestlemania weekend?

I think it's way too soon to say and I won't be answering any future questions about his health or recovery.  

Who would you like to see write a book?  Would you ever write one?  Would it be about ECW?

Dave Finlay is the one who has come to mind a lot when I've thought about this.  He had such a great career in Europe and Japan, then WCW and WWE that it would be a shame if it wasn't chronicled at some point.  I'd also really like to see Don Muraco write a book.

I have an idea for a book I'd like to do, but unfortunately, I just don't have the time to do it the right way currently, so I don't know.  I don't see anyone running to pay me a big advance to spur me spending a lot of time on it right now, either.  Maybe one day I'll get to it.  If I ever do write a book, it would not be about ECW, especially not for a first book.

Call me crazy: Ted Turner in the WWE Hall of Fame?

I don't think it's crazy at all.  My guess is if that happens, it would be in the Legacy wing.

Do you think Taz will ever go in?

Not while he's with AEW.  I am still surprised they didn't induct him when Wrestlemania was in NYC a few years ago when AXXESS was in Red Hook and the Hall of Fame was in Brooklyn as well!

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