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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-09 10:00:00


Do you think MJF was parodying CM Punk by eating the pickles at the AEW Media Scrum?

I don't know, but you could make that argument for sure, but I really I hope not.  It would be pretty dumb to mock someone who could easily be back in the locker room down the line, especially when a year before, that person did a lot to raise your credibilty.   I hope MJF was just being MJF, because making people think of CM Punk in MJF's own big moment is pretty dumb.  He should want the spotlight on himself.

Did you really says the MJF vs. Dragon Iron Man match was better than Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels?

I have long been on the record as saying that Wrestlemania 12 match wasn't very good in my opinion and always felt like two talents who were working in spite of each other, not together.  While WWE celebrates that match very hard, the reality is that when I saw it as it happened,  it wasn't very good and I still don't believe it is.  Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have had tons of much better matches in my opinion, including the Montreal bout.  I've seen lots of Iron Man Matches I believe were better than Shawn vs. Bret, so, yeah, I guess I did say that.

Dave Scherer always rags on AEW for the blood.  To me, the blood isn't as dangerous as some of the crazy bumps.  If you had to eliminate one, what would it be?

First, Dave owns this site and is entitled to his opinions.

As far as me, I think the blood should be saved for PPV and big dramatic moments.  To me, the blood made the Danielson vs. MJF match over the weekend more dramatic, but it didn't do that for the Texas Death Match in my opinion - in part because there is always a ton of Moxley bleeding regularly, so it's been normalized, which I don't think the blood should ever be.  I agree with you that the crazy bumps could be something that holds a lot more danger for the long-term ramifications of talent health as bodies break down over time, but to me, it isn't eliminating one vs. the other - its finding the right moderation, timing big moments and drama to when it can mean the most in terms of making money - and to me, that would mean blood on PPVs only and big, crazy bumps on PPV and milestone TV episodes like Winter is Coming, etc.

WWE hall of fame seems to be running low on headliners are they even doing one this year? As leaving it late to announce inductees.

They are going to air it on the WWE Network and Peacock following Smackdown this year, so it will be a shorter ceremony, hence they don't need as many announcements in advance.

Do we see in future because Wrestlemania 2 night events being a success that SummerSlam potentially might?

If WWE believes the market will support it, they will do it.  I'd prefer they move the Hall of Fame to Summerslam or Survivor Series weekend instead of a second night.

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