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By Dave Scherer on 2023-03-08 10:00:00

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AEW a National TV company and blood especially Jon Moxley is getting too much. I know it has been a tradition in wrestling to blade to enhance matches but it’s on a regular basis. But it is worrying where cameras are catching them blade themselves, so anyone watching that shows they are self-harming.  I’m surprised by the lack of complaints sometimes. Especially where there are high rates of self-harming in the world and AEW in a way is promoting it by not cutting away quick enough when Jon Moxley or others do it.  AEW surely need to cut back on it? Or ensure they don’t show it cutting away better or know the sequence of when blading takes place better? Or don’t blade at all and use fake blood. Maybe even put a disclaimer saying wrestlers blade? I’m just annoyed at AEW lack of awareness to deal with it better.

It depends where you go I guess.  I have been very vocal in my disdain for their use of the blade and the hack job they do in showing people blading.  Clearly Tony Khan likes it so it will continue.  It’s just the way it is.

I enjoy reading your Q&A. The insight you give on what's happening in the world of wrasslin' you make it sense. So can you help me make sense of why Brock v Omos. It's great to see another African American getting pushed with the help of Brock on the grandest stage of em all but I can't make sense of it. Can you help? We all know Brock is going make work of Omos. Didn't we see this last WM Lashley v Omos!?

Brock wants to do the match and he has the stroke to get what he wants.  With that said, Omos vs. Braun Strowman from Saudi Arabia was fun so it could be worse.

Does Vince still have say so on who WWE induces into the Hall of Fame?

He can have say on anything he wants to say given his stock holdings.  Plus I think if he told Paul Levesque he wanted someone inducted, it would happen.  

The Jon Moxley bleeding situation has become a bit of a running joke but this is someone who has been in therapy for substance reliance who is now,  as it appears to me, blatantly self harming. How is no one in AEW not recognizing there could be underlying mental health problems in play here and stepping in to protect him.

I have wondered about that aspect too.  I am no psychiatrist so I can’t comment on whether it’s self harming or not.  Those closer to him would know that.  Whatever the reason for his constant use of the blade, it should be stopped, for sure.  Even if it’s just that he thinks it adds to his matches, it doesn’t and as you said, it’s becoming comical.  Someone slicing themselves with a razor blade should never, ever be comical.

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