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By Mike Johnson on 2023-03-02 10:00:00


Why do you think wrestlers make such a big deal of being criticized on social media?  I can't imagine Don Muraco and Bob Orton giving a crap about it.  Why did this stuff become so pronounced?

Well, theres a good reason for that -  social media didn't exist when they were wrestlers! 

I think that unfortunately, social media followed the same path as most message boards.  In the beginning, there was a fun, lively conversation but as it cemented, cliques formed and those involved thought they were the only ones who's opinions matter and become venomous to anyone else.  I also think that there's almost a video game aspect to it where someone feels they have to "beat the other side" which is only accentuated by the fact that they feel empowered by the fact they won't have to deal with any ramifications. 

As far as why wrestlers react to it?  They are human and think about this - do you want to go to your job every day and hear you are crappy at it or an a-hole or awful or should die or be fired?  That's the reality most live in when they go on social media and at some point, it's going to hit your psyche and your soul if you have any pride in what you do as a persona.    Pretty much anyone who is in the public eye in 2023 or beyond will have to deal with being someone trying to make something of their life and career better to the best of their ability as others who don't have the same aspirations decide to judge, criticize and attack them for whatever reason they feel is justified.   It's just a sad side effect of the fragmented world we live in and the best advice I can give is to tune out the white noise as much as possible because Twitter likes and clout don't exist in the bank account.

Why do you think the market is so favorable to a possible WWE sale? I would have thought that the idea of WWE no longer being under a family that has owned it for generations would have people feeling the opposite in that it may be a risk with what a new company may/may not do in terms of handling assets and its intellectual property.

Vince McMahon and Stockholders who want to make money are favorable.  I haven't seen one person who works for the company that I've spoken to excited about the prospect.  While I am sure there are those interested in bidding and exploring, I don't know the alleged $9 billion number is one that can actually be reached.  

With all the talk of potential WWE buyers, how about The Rock? Could he buy them? Should he buy them? We don't know how his version of the XFL will be, but is he the right person to manage another former WWE product?

The Rock is rich, but he'd need a conglomerate of backers to hit that level.  I don't know that owning and running WWE is what he envisions his future as.  Could he look into buying it and put a team in charge?  Sure, if he chooses.  I don't see him ever running the day to day.

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Can Tony Khan (or his dad) afford to buy WWE if they wanted to? Even if they could, do you think Vince McMahon would consider them knowing that Tony may be doing it just to do it and not really care about continuing WWE's legacy (ala WCW)?

I could see them putting the money together to buy it if they wanted to make a bid.  Whether Vince McMahon is open to that sort of sale remains to be seen.  Shad Khan is among the richest men in the world.  He would not have a problem finding the cash if needed.

With Vince McMahon now open to selling the WWE (and I never thought he would even consider it, ever), do you think he now cares less about his "baby" or "creation" and now more about the money? Any thoughts on why the change of heart if that is the case? Age? Cashing-out? Looking out for his family's future generations? Spiting the people that have replaced him? Ego?

I think it's a case of getting the most amount of wealth for himself and the generations of McMahon to follow vs. making money on the company as it exists.  Whether that's ego, age, bitterness over "bad advice", trying to torpedo his children, etc.  I can't tell you outright, because McMahon has not and will never comment on this.

Who is writing The Bloodline storyline? It crosses the time when Vince McMahon was running the show, and now HHH. But I also remember hearing Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman having a lot of say (maybe all?) in their characters. Maybe it's a combination of all of them? Are there others involved? And finally who came up with The Bloodline idea? Roman Reigns, The Usos, Vince...?

Paul Levesque oversees it with Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns having strong, perhaps the strongest voices, involved in the direction, language and scripting.  Michael Hayes regularly produces the segments and I am sure if a good idea is suggested by those on the Raw team, it would be considered or assimilated into the process.

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