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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-27 10:00:00

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Could Nikki Cross's comment about "all her friends are gone" be a lead in to the re-signed but not yet re-debuted Eric Young returning, and possibly with SAnitY alongside him?

Could it?  Sure, it would make sense if they did that.  The group was a HHH-NXT creation. I can' confirm it however.

I watched the Texas Tornado match on Dynamite I was wondering what's the difference between that and a regular match? Both have blood and fights in crowd? 

The name itself.  That's pretty much it.

Where is Cameron Grimes?

I have heard, but can't 100 percent confirm, that he has been held off TV since his loss to Joe Gacy in advance of a main roster debut.  Again, I can't 100 percent confirm that but it would make sense.

What would you think of WWE making the Wrestlemania main event similar to the WM Angle/Jericho/Benoit match, where Angle had the European and IC titles and lost them both in separate falls? You could use that to split the top titles again, have Sami take the Universal title and Cody the WWE title, and even do it where Roman doesn’t take either fall and stays protected? That would leave Roman eating a pin or submission eventually to Jey Uso, who started this whole thing back in 2020 with Roman (and someone pointed out Jey was the first guy to pin Roman in WWE). Kind of brings the Bloodline full circle.

I don't like it to be honest.  I want Roman to lose cleanly to someone and have it mean something.  I don't want it to be convoluted.  As I type this on 2/25, I would have Roman get past Cody at Mania and then face off with Jey Uso at Summerslam.  That's my two cents.

If you measure the success of a storyline based on how many people come out of it more over than they went in, where does the Bloodline story rank? Sami and Jey feel like legit main event level guys now. KO is back up at the top. Solo is primed to breakout and Roman is at the absolute top of the business. What else compares? Austin vs The Corporation? Evolution breaking up? Going back, Dusty vs the Horsemen? 

You make a great point.  The Bloodline storyline has elevated a lot of people, for sure.  That's Booker Of The Year stuff right there.

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