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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-28 10:00:00

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With the unfortunate passing of Jay Briscoe, has Tony Khan made a decision on the fate of the ROH World Tag Team Championships (currently held by Mark Briscoe)?  He can't defend the titles alone.  Is he going to find a new partner?     

I have not heard of any decision made at this point.

Is the AEW London show still planned for 2023? Summer seemed the ideal time since they could avail of Craven Cottage which would hold roughly 25k but there’s been zero updates  since the announcement in Nov.

As far as I know, yes.  They announced it but that was the last I heard about it.  They still have time, for sure.

Tony Khan has a very important announcement!  LOL! SMH! 

He really has become Dixie Carter hasn't he?  The only thing I can say is that maybe he really does think that his announcements are super duper important so he doesn't see anything wrong with hyping them.  They never deliver for me, that's for sure.

I know the WWE sale is the hot topic, but unless COMCAST or FOX purchases it, whomever is in control of the WWE hast to deal with media rights. If WWE doesn’t get fees at least equal to the last contract, how bad will the bloodbath be for everyone in the company?

That is what I have been saying for months now.  About 80 percent of WWE's revenue came from TV deals last year.  Between Raw, Smackdown NXT and the Network in the US, they accounted for about 70% of their revenues, meaning that about 30 percent comes from the rest of their business.  Clearly, the most important asset has right now are their US TV deals and they expire in about 18 months.  The next deals are hugely important to the value of the company.  That’s why a broadcaster buying WWE has always made the most sense to me.  The only buyer that I can think of that could not worry about the TV rights fees are the Saudis because they have money to burn.  NBCU has always made the most sense to me and if they do buy it, what better time to announce it than WrestleMania weekend.

I was thinking Roman vs Cody could become a 3 way with Sami. Then Cody & Sami could pin Roman at the same time. Cody wins WWE championship for Raw & Sami wins the Universal championship for Smackdown. Would this work?

I can’t say if it would work or not but I can tell you I would hate that whole scenario.  To me, whoever beats Roman should do it straight up, with no Russo garbage attached to it.  He has been the champ for years and whoever beats him should get a rub.  I don’t see a rub happening in that scenario.

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