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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-23 10:00:00

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Do you think Tony Khan will ever realize that his meltdowns are more entertaining than his booking?

I am torn on this one.  One the one hand, his meltdowns are great and drive traffic to the site.  On the other hand, if he improved his booking process it would drive even more traffic to the site.  So, I hope he realizes it and improves his product.  But honestly, Tony being self-aware isn’t a trait that I have ever seen him exhibit.  The irony is that he hates being made sport of, yet he keeps doing things that make him the butt of the joke.

Is WWE ever going to use the EVOLVE library?

I don't think in the way you would like them too.  I think they will grab footage of people, like Austin Theory, to use when needed, but I don't see them putting a lot of time, money and effort into making shows available that very few people would watch.  It’s not a good business move.

Sami and Cody are both insanely over at the moment, to a degree that we haven’t seen in quite a while. Both are deserving of dethroning Roman at Wrestlemania I believe. So, do you think the best option is to add Sami to the match and have a situation where Reigns double pinned by Sami and Cody so that the titles can be split and everyone is sent home happy?

As I type this on Sunday, no I don't.  I think there is so much more story to tell, all around, that WWE shouldn’t blast through the story that quickly.  As long as it stays compelling, I am fine with them taking their time.

Is there anything to glean from the decision to stop giving Xfinity customers free Peacock in regards to the WWE sale? This will greatly decrease the number of Peacock subscribers, which will impact the PLE views going forward. But there are definitely some people who aren’t paying for it now who will just to keep getting WWE content. Does that make it more or less likely that Comcast will be the buyer?

I glean ( love that word) that Comcast is hoping people who watch for free, and bring no revenue into the project, start paying.  I can see why they are doing it.  I can’t say it makes it more or less likely to be honest.  I guess they will have a better idea what The Network is worth to them when the freebies are gone.

Was there ever a point where the wrestling business got so bad, either from a creative standpoint or otherwise, that you as a journalist and fan considered quitting altogether? Watching it, reporting on it etc? 

First, I will always keep tabs on the business.  It’s in my blood and I have what I call The Sickness.  As for quitting?  Hell no!  I have the best job in the world and I love doing it!  I have made a great living for decades and I get paid well to cover a business that I love.  Even when the product is bad, it still beats working for a living.  It’s kind of like being a loyal fan of a team that never wins anything, like The Dallas Cowboys.  Before anyone gets their buns in a bunch, that was a joke.  I am well aware that the Cowboys actually won something almost 30 years ago.

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