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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-20 10:00:00

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I saw this take from another journalist and wonder what you think of it: “Given that Sami is the one who’s drawing the ratings, Roman wasn’t on [SmackDown] last night and it drew another big rating. That show is doing well with or without Roman. The draw is Sami. Given that evidence, if you are analyzing the data, by doing so you’re looking it and going like ‘we will probably do better with Sami’. I mean that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Yeah, we’ve spent a year on Roman, but guess what? Somebody passed him up!”

First let me say that I don’t know who said this but my guess is that it’s someone from a newz site.  Now let me say that Sami is over, for sure.  But to act as if it’s all just him shows a real lack of understanding of how the business works.  The show is doing great numbers for Sami BECAUSE HE IS FIGHTING ROMAN REIGNS.  Reigns’ stature has elevated Sami.  People aren’t just tuning in for Sami to do a promo on Random Guy 3.  They are tuning because of the storyline with Reigns.  Also, WWE never said that Roman wouldn’t be at Smackdown!  They have an expectation that they will see the champ before the PPV.  They didn’t know in advance that he wouldn’t be on.  Whoever said that is just twisting things to fit their opinion.  If that person knew how to actually analyze data without his or her view filtered in, they would know that.

Now that Forbidden Door and Wrestle Kingdom have passed since the AEW/NJPW relationship started, which promotion is more popular to the other’s fan base? Is AEW more “important” to the Japanese fans than NJPW is to American fans?

I would have to say NJPW is more important to American fans because they have more NJ fans watching their product.

Who would you say is the most despicable heel of all time?

Vince McMahon.  And he was pretty good at it on-camera too!  RIMSHOT!  Seriously, Vince drew a ton of money as a heel so I will go with him.

Should Tony’s afternoon nap time or snack allotment be extended on days after his wrestling program does less than 850k viewers? And does anyone else find it completely ridiculous that he throws a temper tantrum about biased reporting when Tony, Jericho, Kenny and the Bucks have had a certain prominent wrestling journalist in their back pocket from day one?

It was not Tony’s best moment, reacting the way he did to Ariel Helwani’s appearance on Smackdown.  First off, what was the point of it?  He came off like a jilted lover.  YOU APPEARED ON THEIR SHOW WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND ARIEL!!!  Beyond that, when Helwani interviewed him I remember Tony brought up the topic of the voiceovers Ariel did for WWE.  So at the end of the day, it was just a tantrum and made Tony look really bad.

2 simple questions I'd love answered.The first is why you hate AEW so bad,and 2.arecyou in the WWE payroll.Seriously tho I'd like your thoughts on why wrestling fans over react to Dave Meltzer's ratings knowing full well they don't,t change the outcome of a match,someone's enjoyment of a match and the fact wrestling is a worked sport with a pre determined outcome.It's his opinion not a harden fact

First off, you asked me three things, not two.  I guess math wasn’t your strong suit back in school.  Then again, judging by your spelling and sentence structure, English wasn’t either.  Anyway, here goes.  I don’t hate AEW at all.  I point out things that I don’t like, such as bad storylines and character development, blading and over-reliance on repetitive tropes.  The shows are hard for me to watch because they don’t make sense and aren’t interesting.  It’s just people fake fighting for the sake of fake fighting.  If you enjoy it, great!  I am happy for you.  But the data shows significantly more people prefer the product that WWE is booking right now (and I am one of them).  I am not on their payroll and don’t ever plan to be.  If I was, I would announce it here on the site and take leave as to not have a conflict of interest.  I have no answer on why anyone feels the way that they feel about Dave Meltzer’s match ratings.  I don’t pay attention to them because they don’t matter or have any value to me.  You need to ask people that actually do care about them.  That isn’t me.

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