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By Mike Johnson on 2023-02-16 10:00:00


I've been wondering this for a bit and wanted to get your take on it.  It's been a long time since Jeff Hardy has wrestled and there's no sign he's returning to AEW.  Do you think in the wake of the DUI stuff that his career is over?

I sincerely hope not.  No matter what mistakes Hardy has made, I think he's done a world of good in terms of entertaining and inspiring countless millions of people over the course of his career and there's no "Jeff Hardy was an a-hole" story that makes the rounds, period, much less with any consistency.   So, he deserves to be able to come back and close his career out on his own terms, not just be randomly done.  I think a lot of people are hoping he can handle his court case and stay sober and still perform.  If he can't and chooses to leave wrestling on his own terms, that is one thing and in my mind, should be celebrated as someone putting his health first.  The reason you haven't seen him, however, is that AEW isn't going to bring him back and chance he has to be pulled off TV again, especially after Tony Khan stated he wouldn't bring Jeff back until he's shown he can maintain his sobriety.  I don't believe that Hardy's career is over, though, as long as he can make the positive moves he needs for himself and his family, and get past his legal proceedings.

Do we know what Undertaker said to Bray Wyatt at Raw 30?

He said, "I'm Batman."  No, seriously, Undertaker stated in an interview he told Wyatt that he was always there to give counsel and advice but Bray needed to blaze his own trail, basically.

With all the XFL posts, are you going to do live coverage?

If the Rock shows up and cuts a promo, that's newsworthy.  I'm not a football guy and won't be doing coverage of the games.

How can Jake Roberts be on a WWE Biography if he's under contract to AEW?

Obviously, the two different sides allowed it to happen.  If may be Jake had a legends deal with WWE that precluded his AEW association.

Any update on Ciampa?

Nothing except he's healing up.  My guess he'll be evaluated at the WWE Performance Center well before he's back officially on TV.

You wrote about the Tod Gordon book.  When is it coming out?

July 25th.

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