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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-14 10:00:00

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WWE are making sure to say that perhaps nothing will change as regards to a sale. That means it’s still possible they don’t sell, everything remains as is, maybe SmackDown moves to USA Network, Nick Khan as CEO, Triple H as head of creative etc. What would be left for Vince to do? Furthermore, if they do sell and he isn’t given a role, Vince is back as he was a few months ago, sitting bored at home!

It’s always been possible that they don’t sell.  It will take the right deal to make it happen.  What is left for Vince?  I think the sale is what’s left.  For him to go from almost going under before the first Mania, to selling his company for many billions of dollars?  That is an amazing story, it really is.  I don’t know if the company will sell or not but to me, the perfect marriage will be if NBCU buys it.  If they do, I fully expect HHH to stay on as head of creative since NBCU knows what a unique business WWE is.  Nick Khan?  Well if the company is bought, I see him taking his payout and moving on to the next challenge since a CEO wouldn’t be needed.  If the company doesn’t sell, I would hope that things would stay as they are now and Vince wouldn’t return to creative but you never know with him.

On Elimination Chamber, Would it be a good idea if WWE put one of the singles matches in the chamber for a surprise?  Brock vs Bobby, Adam Pierce could drop the chamber on them to keep collateral damage from happening.  Roman vs Sami, Kevin Owens could sneak into the production booth to drop the chamber to keep the Bloodline out.  Would it be a cool surprise or does it overuse the chamber?

I think it overuses the Chamber.  Plus, for example if the goal is to do Bobby and Brock at Mania, you don’t want the finality of the Chamber to be in play here.  You want Mania to to be the blow off.

If you were formatting a weekly wrestling show, how much wrestling would you put on it?  I feel AEW does to much wrestling which match the matches meaningless and WWE does not enough wrestling which make the matches meaningless.  If it were up to me, I’d have one big time 20 minute match for every hour of television I had and I’d fill the rest up of my time with shorter matches and promos designed to get stars over and further angles, plus promote the hell out of those bigger matches.

I wouldn’t have a strict formula that I would use every week.  It would depend on what I had going on and what I was building too.  Look at December, it was a dead zone for WWE since they had a long time until The Royal Rumble.  I wouldn’t waste any big angles then so I would put on more wrestling to slowly advance storylines.  As I got closer to big shows, I do less wrestling and more storytelling/angle building.  That would create more interest in the show I was building to, plus not oversaturate the viewers with wrestling matches that may make it easier for them to not pay for the show I am building to.  I would also use all of the data available to me and plan accordingly.  Like last Monday, Cody and Paul Heyman drew the highest number for their angle.  I would make note of that.  Conversely, in AEW The Elite consistently lose a significant number of viewers when they appear on TV.  I would take note of that as well and react accordingly.

If there was (or still is) any real plans for The Rock vs Roman at a future Wrestlemania, would (should) pen have been put to paper years ago to lock Dwayne in and factor in his imminent Hollywood obligations?

Here’s the deal, if The Rock wants to wrestle all he has to do is say so.  Would WWE love to get a contract signed years in advance?  Sure.  But Rock has to agree to do that and let’s be real, if a major movie comes along that wants to pay him big money, he’s not going to say no to train for months to be ready to wrestle and say no to the movie.  Plus, there is no guarantee that he doesn’t get hurt, like he did when he wrestled John Cena years ago.  

If Roman Reigns and Bron Breakker have a feud, a Paul Heyman/Scott Steiner mic segment would be must see, right?

It was be interesting if it happened, that’s for sure.

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