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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-13 10:00:00

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In watching Dynamite and knowing Tony Khan had been an ECW fan back in the day.  Could it be he was so enamored with the potential "dream matches", and blood (which AEW uses way more than ECW did ), and totally missed that Paul E was doing some of the best storytelling in wrestling?

He totally missed what Paul Heyman did that made ECW special.  Paul and Tod’s booking is what created the dream matches by building up characters and writing great storylines.  Tony just plucks his out of a spreadsheet.  AEW is nothing like what ECW was in its prime.

This is more speculation than anything but I’m bouncing it off you.  Could Seth’s recent comments toward CM Punk have anything to do with their little back and forth in 2019 when Punk was on that Fox show with Renee Young?  Then, Seth kept tying to get Punk back, challenging him on twitter and such and Punk blew him off with a little bit of shade.  That led to fans chanting Punk’s name again and giving Seth some heat from the crowd… who was the top babyface at the time.

From what I have heard, Rollins’ beef with Punk goes back to well before that.  That incident was another brick in the wall, so to speak.

I was recently watching old episodes of Nitro and watched S1. E2 and watched Sabu vs Alex Wright. The match was decent but I forgot once Sabu got the victory, the decision was reversed because Sabu put Wright through a table. Now my question is, why hasn’t that been used more in angles since then? I mean especially from a heel point of view. That can change a lot of things and implications in matches.

I think tables and other elements of plunder have become such an accepted part of wrestling that trying to enforce a rule like that would only work to make an authority figure a heel.  Things have changed since way back then.

Could Cody vs. Sami at Wrestlemania be a thing?

A bad booker could make it one, but I don’t see any good path to get there in six weeks, nor do I take Roman Reigns out of the equation before WrestleMania.  It would make no sense to make a face vs. face match, especially when they heel has so much heat right now.  That would be a really bad booking decision.

Is there any word on Nick Aldis if he is AEW bound or where he might land?

I have nothing to report at this time other than that he is a free agent.

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