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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-07 10:00:00

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Do you have any insight on why Seth Rollins equated CM Punk with cancer before the Royal Rumble? Do you think this was a work or serious?

From what I have been told it stems back to a personal issue back when Seth was breaking into the business.  Who is at fault?  Only they know for sure.  I am sure Punk isn’t losing any sleep over the comments.

Sami and The Bloodline has been one of the best stories ever told by WWE. But IF Vince McMahon was this in charge, and booked the story in the exact same way as Triple H, do you think there would be more fan backlash, given that it appears the main event of WrestleMania won’t be Roman vs Sami? 

First, we don't know for sure what will Main Event WrestleMania or how we could get there.  Mike Eps and I talked about scenarios where Sami could not be in the match but it would work out fine on our show on Saturday.  With that said, there is no way I see Vince McMahon booking this storyline as well as HHH has.  It would have been solid, due to Paul Heyman and Roman’s input into it, but Vince would have never allowed it to flourish and have so many layers.  He doesn’t tell those kinds of stories.

Can you explain what exactly happened with AEW suddenly dropping the Bow Wow/Jade Cargill storyline? Was he trying to romance her or was this gonna lead as a way to introduce Mercedes Mone, who challenged Jade for the TBS Title? The entire thing was so bizarre.

I can't explain it because it never made any sense to me in the first place!

Has Dolph Ziggler become the 2023 version of the Brooklyn Brawler?

I wouldn't go that far.  Ziggler is more competitive than Brawler was.  But if you are saying he has slid way down the card, I agree.

Doesn’t it seem like the WWE is touting it’s successes way more than usual these days? I know Tony Khan likes to brag every time AEW hits any sort of milestone, financial or otherwise, but you rarely ever saw WWE do that sort of thing. Is this WWE showing off just how vast the gulf between them and AEW is, or is it just about driving up the sale price?

I am sure part of it is due to them actively trying to sell the company but with that said, the successes that they are touting are massive news items, worthy of being promoted.  They are talking about great business so I don’t blame them one bit for putting that out in the public eye. When you blow away previous benchmarks, you should let the world know.  It’s good business.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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