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By Billy Krotchsen & John Highley on 2023-02-01 22:20:00

AEW Trios Champions The Elite defeated Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isaiah Kassidy.

Swerve Strickland defeated Brian Pillman Jr.  Swerve and his crew were going to beat down Pillman but Dustin Rhodes ran out with a piece of the metal that connects the turnbuckles to the ring post and they backed off.

Toni Storm and Saraya defeated The Renegade Twins and then spray painted what appeared to be "L"s on them, because they are losers.

Rush defeated Christopher Daniels.

AEW President Tony Khan came out and gave a really nice speech inviting everyone to the future AEW live event next month but also to thank everyone for their support of the talents and the company over the last month.  He said pro wrestling is a big family and it starts with the audience and he hopes to see everyone in Troy, Ohio.

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