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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-30 10:00:00

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I wanted to get your thoughts on a couple things... How amazingly great was the storyline build with The Bloodline and Sami! It just proves that when there is great build up and story telling, the pay off is insanely great. Nowadays with the instant gratification, it's refreshing to see something be given time to build and we saw the payoff at the Rumble! I don't recall anything being nearly as this good in several years.

I couldn’t agree with you more.  That was a riveting segment.  Great, great stuff.  They build was fantastic and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.  To me, the stories and characters are every bit as important as the actual matches.  In fact, they are more important because they make me care about WHY people fight.

I know a lot of people want to see Roman face a big name at mania or possibly a returning Cody Rhodes.  But to me the best opponent would be Sami Zayn by having him win the rumble.  I think it would add so much intrigue and build up.  Plus it’s an organic storyline that’s been developing over the last 8-9 months and would be just be a great culmination of it.  He is already way over with the fans and this would just add to it.  What are your thoughts on this? 

They could have gone down that road and no one would have complained, for the reasons that you stated.  But me?  I was against it because there is so much more story left to tell with The Bloodline.  I don’t want to see it end prematurely.  They could keep it going until Sami or Jey take on Roman at SummerSlam, giving them a main event that is just as big as what they will have for Mania.  I can wait.  In fact, given how great the story has been, I want to wait!

I mostly fast forward thru AEW anymore because its just matches thrown together with no backstory or it’s a repeat.  How does Khan bring in guys like Kushida, Juice and Bandido and give them title shots in their first match but lets a guy like Wardlow who was white hot after his MJF feud just fade into irrelevance? Or let a little guy like Darby no sell moves from bigger guys.  Just a spot fest.

The best way I can put it is that Tony’s view of wrestling is the exact opposite of mine.  To him, the matches are the most important thing.  He sees something as a “dream match” and isn’t concerned about the story that got us there or fan investment in the characters.  That’s why I laughed when supposed experts said AEW would overtake WWE in short time.  The bottom line is this: There are fans who think like Tony, but they are the minority.  The masses want more than just “dream matches”.  But a lot of people like what Tony does too.  Something for everyone.

Will there be any repercussions to The Bloodline’s Tribal Court segment running too long?  Are talents subject to any type of verbal reprimand or backlash by management when this happens?  Are any of the segments rehearsed or run through prior to the show’s beginning?  I’m thinking that a run through would have revealed that the segment was too long for the time allotted, but maybe I’m making too much of what WWE sees as being only a small problem.

WWE has producers that communicate with the referee.  They can tell them to wrap it up.  In the case of that segment, it was so great I don’t think anyone wanted to rush through it.  As great as the cage match would have been, it wouldn’t have been better than that.  Plus, they did a great angle to set up the Rumble.  Now, if a mid-card talent did something like that, sure they would be held accountable.  But the top act?  There is no reason to say, “Give us less of that great stuff”.

Obviously it’s a moot point now, but let’s say the unthinkable happened and the Jaguars won the Super Bowl this year.  In keeping with tradition, would WWE send the team a custom title belt?

I think that they would absolutely send the belt, no doubt in my mind.  One, they wouldn’t be that petty as to not do it.  Two, they would probably get a chuckle out of doing it.  I would.

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