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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-01 10:00:00

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While we all knew that Cody was going to win the Rumble, how is WWE going to make his story vs Roman actually compelling in three months? Especially considering Cody has had little to no interaction ever, and Roman's entire world is imploding on him thanks to Sami. Cody very much feels like a third wheel to me. What are your thoughts?

That was the same concern I voiced going into the match.  Cody hasn't struggled against The Bloodline so there's isn't a story there.  Yet.  But, the fans popped massively for him at The Rumble so I think they will be behind him big time.  My hunch is that Paul Levesque and his team have one that they will tell over the next two months.  The Rumble was so good I will give them the benefit of the doubt here.  They set up so much with one show.

Why doesn’t WWE tour Japan?

They don't find it worth their while financially to spend extended time there.  That simple.  If the demand were there, they would be capitalizing on it.

One of the things I thought would drastically improve under HHH is the presentation of the women's division.  What are your thoughts?  No Evolution 2 PPV, we have 7 participants as of today set for the Rumble, what am I missing?  I don't deny the booking has improved but I don't feel the women are getting any different of a spotlight today than when VKM was running the show.

First, I see no need for a second women’s only PPV.  They are equal to the men now and we don’t see male only PPVs so we don’t need one for the women.  With that said I agree, the one aspect that is lacking with HHH’s booking thus far has been the overall women’s division.  My hunch is that he had so much to clean up that he started with the men.  I hope the women’s division is next.  Keep in mind though that booking five hours of first run TV is a lot more cumbersome than booking NXT.  It’s a process and I am sure he is still settling in to it.

HHH has made WWE watchable for me again.  That said, has the business side really changed that much under the new creative?  The ratings (not counting Raw 30) don't seem like they have jumped by leaps and bounds.  I know on the WDNNSNS you mentioned house shows are up, but what else financially shows that WWE is really better off without VKM?  He always was credited with saying he knew what the people wanted.  What has proven this statement wrong?

The numbers overall are up and the product is better.  Keep in mind that it’s only been about six months, and he came in right before SummerSlam with many things already set.  Then he had to go through the dead zone month of December, when they weren’t building up to anything.  Now it’s go time and we should get a real idea of where things are and where they are going.  To me, one key is how many people come back for Mania season and how many people stay once Mania has taken place.  They will be real indicators of where things are for WWE.

Who do you feel could be the next WWE veteran to get a Kofi-Mania push?  When I say that, I mean a veteran who has been with the company for many years and is a great wrestler but never seems to get the title shot or even get a small push.  Like a Dolph.

I thought about it for a few minutes.  No one is coming to mind.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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