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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-24 09:30:00

This Thursday, E! will premiere part one of a four part mini-series titled Nikki Bella Says I Do.   

Promotional material for the series notes, "Bella and Chigvintsev continue their love story and prepare for the next chapter of their lives and the one everyone has been waiting for ... the moment Nikki walks down the aisle and says "I do." This major moment is not without challenges as the bride and groom navigate parenthood with their son Matteo, plan a wedding, bachelorette party, find a dress, tuxedo, choose the right venue all while they hold on to hope that Artem's family from Russia will make it to this event of a lifetime. With Nikki's sister, Brie, by her side and so much at stake, will Nikki and Artem's dream wedding come together without a hitch?"

Episode 1 will feature the following plot - "Nikki and Artem try to plan a wedding in four weeks; Brie is appointed the maid of honor and scrambles to plan a bridal shower; Nikki finds it impossible to find a venue on such short notice; Artem hopes his Russian family can travel for the wedding."

Episode 2, airing next Thursday 2/2: "With the wedding destination locked and nuptials looming, the couple faces a long to-do list with only three weeks left; Brie and Gleb set out to host a wild joint bachelor/bachelorette party in L.A. as Nikki plans a sexy surprise for Artem."

Episode 3, airing Thursday 2/9: "Tensions are high as Nikki says goodbye to Artem and Matteo who are leaving on a somewhat risky trip to Turkey to reunite with his Russian parents. Nikki and Brie tackle a long wedding to-do checklist in Paris, including finding a venue."

Episode 4, airing Thurday 2/16: "After a roller-coaster week, Nikki, Artem and Matteo are finally reunited in Paris; Nikki and Artem must lay all their cards on the table before they walk down the aisle; the romance and spontaneity of Paris helps reignite a spark between the couple."

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